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Frage von alekko!:

when exporting my video on Premiere Pro's "Export> Movie" function of the sound goes to the rendered video for some time, asynchronously to the Picture (staggered backwards).
I Export the file using the Adobe Media Encoder, I do not have this problem. How could (I always lie in the export Huffyuff with lossless sound and? No inrerleave?).
Weis someone what I can do about it?



Antwort von jasmin61:

exactly why this is so, I can not tell you unfortunately, but here are my views settings Export Movie Settings:

Compressor: uncompressed
Sample rate: 32000Hz
Sample Type: 16 bit
Channels: Stereo
Interleave: 1 Frame

Just experiment with these settings, times, maybe it works, yes, good luck


Antwort von Markus:


how much power has your calculator? Perhaps he did not manage to make synchronously playback?

What format exportierst you with the Adobe Media Encoder? MPEG1 / 2? What codec you use when saving the AVI file ( "Export> Movie")?


Antwort von alekko!:

Hallo, erstmal so grateful for the responses. Unfortunately, I have the same export settings are given here and tried it did not work.

I export in Huffyuff with 720xXXX as avi. The sound will only run asynchronously at the end. I hardly think that it is s.der computer power.


Antwort von alekko!:

Letztendlcih I've figured out what it is connected with, but unfortunately no solution for it.
I know not whether this is generally the case, but it may be that Premiere is unable to export via "Export Movie" in compressed file formats?

In the FAQ is indeed synonymous at doing this, if I want to export the video directly in DivX, it fails (it just looks bad to vomit, no preference how high I set the bitrate, just when I export to mpeg)
When I round on the Adobe Media encoder will do everything properly. Why is this so in nem sh *** expensive program like this?

Ultimately, the sound is running asynchronously with me because my video is composed of several Untervideosequenzen, and once it comes a certain sequence, it is rendered incorrectly (it is represented in the rendered video only partially, while the sound continues full-length -> asynchronously)

I did not have a clue what to do, I've already tried almost everything without success ...
I wanted the plugin which is presented in the FAQ download, but is instead the plugin only with a program called "Wax" is offered (perhaps even someone knows where I herbekomme the plugin).


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