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stand at a problem. And although I have cut a raw material in Premiere Pro CS5 sequence which I want to import into AVID.

I have played the sequence in Premiere with H.264 HDTV 1080p 25 as mp4. Once I have this imported into AVID, I had streaks and pixel errors discovered in the Picture. AVID apparently encoded the MP4 to an "own" format and this caused the error.

What format should I (HD material 1080) in Premiere Pro CS5 play so I can import them into Avid without the problems arise. What format "may" AVID?

Thanks for your help ...


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schon probiert?


Antwort von Seifenstreifen:

This I have just discovered synonymous! Get it for free right now. Hope it works! Does anyone else experience that?


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