Infoseite // Several questions about the Tiff format in relation to Premiere Pro 2.0

Frage von pierrehansen:

Good day together

I would like in advance for any schonmal somewhat confusing questions apologize. I simply sitting too long in front of computers and had lots of technical things, unfortunately, not the perspective.

But perhaps I can help someone so anyway. :-)

I would like to know whether Tiff sequences a useful format, to which sequences in the film. m2t format (HDV 1080i) in Premiere Pro 2 has been cut to export to them in Photoshop or Combustion next process. At the end, I would then import back into Premiere. Finds from the conversion because it was not necessarily a de-interlacing instead? It is indeed s.Ende in Tiff format to full, or is my reasoning completely wrong? As I said in this forum many times about that, that is good and not so good De-inlterlacer there, I would like to hear again with the tool, plug-in I deinterlace s.besten material to afterward, for example, a reasonable key of the original Halbbildmaterial to make. How do I with the Premiere Pro s.Vernünftigsten to?

Likewise, I was not able, when exporting to TIFF format, the alpha channel transparency mode, ie so that instead of black transparency exported. The export menu is the box where you could possibly set, light gray, not clickable. For most other formats. But Tiff but has an alpha channel, is not it? What should I do?

An acquaintance of mine, who is with color, etc. Gradiation know would like to help me edit my film. However, he knows and has only himself and not Photoshop CS3 Premiere and co.
Since the CS3 version, it is now possible sequences Tiff in Photoshop to import them then how to edit footage. We have thought about the whole film (25 minutes) to edit. My question: Is the editing tools in Photoshop better than the premiere, or because both programs use the same "engine" to. Would that in your eyes a sensible solution?

So, that would have been. I thank you for your attention :-)

Many greetings. Pierre Hansen


Antwort von Jörg:

the alpha channel of course exported tiff with. Place in the export dialog the option "over 16.7 million colors" one.
Whether such large clips to edit in PS?
25 min. clip would be around 37000 TIFF. No idea how HP is behaving in such quantity. In the Extended version of CS3 so Videoclops can be edited directly. The version of the film strip export, there is still synonymous.

In the examples you give, I would have the color correction with the advanced tools of Premiere do.
Export into a single sequence for the post in a compositingprog like AE or Combustion is certainly always recommended.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von jason:

Hello Jörg,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately that does not tick s.dem, synonymous if I find over 16 million colors adjustment. Strange. I have been synonymous of other Page discouraged the film with PS to edit. I think I do but then with the premiere.

Many greetings. Pierre


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: Unfortunately that does not tick s.dem, synonymous if I find over 16 million colors adjustment.

are you sure that your footage has a defined alpha channel?


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