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Frage von Wulle:


I have the following problem:
I have a MPEG 2 file which I am using my TV card was created (ie, recorded)
s.diesen day because I had gone I set the time and can record from your PC
The file is 872 MB in size
other consequences are just max 450MB in size (to take ne serie)
So I've imported the file and the unnecessary parts cut off
Now I wanted to save the sequence (export) and, if possible, synonymous as mpeg
But if I have the media encoder to save shows me memory s.das Premiere at the file about 470 MB in size "is"
but it is actually ~ 1.3 GB weia Au!

the original file has the following characteristics:
Duration: 00:18:59
Bit Rate: 3387kbps
Format: mpeg2video
Size: 720x576
Frame rate: 25.00fps
Format: mp2
Bit rate: 192kbps
Sample rate: 48000Hz
Channels: stereo

As an export options, I set the following

Quality 5.0
25 FPS
Without (progressive)
Main profile
High Level

Constant Bitrate
3.320 Mbit / s

active auto placement of GOPs

from the encoder berrecjnet
9 bit

the first time are the video settings
as they come

if you need something else says about it * wink *

I have about the problem that when the image moves fast it is "rough" and looks pixilated Huu * hu hu *
This is the original beikeinen

ask if the computer should be raised
C2D 3150MHz
4GB ram
500GB HDD space
XP Pro


(I do not know whether the hierrein or in the Prem in one forum
on the one hand, I am beginner and on the other it is Prem)

where else should it belong and please move ne PM:)



Antwort von Digitalimager:

Hello ...
I myself do not use Premiere but I think it is s.deiner constant bitrate.

It simply makes no sense in a film, a constant bit rate to give the film because many movements are, for example, camera pans, hard cuts, etc., on the other hand can still synonymous in many a movie happen.

This something like a film-based compression works.

The compression works on a mathematical algorithm of the film after movements analyzed. Happens in the film does not move fast, (zb Camera is aufm Acker, only a bird flies past)
now the algorithm takes a snapshot of the picture, that is, a mask, and compares the next picture with the mask.

Is there between the two images is no difference synonymous not compressed, but the info is saved in the Picture 1 and Picture 2 is no difference.
So, now comes this bird and, therefore, changed the picture below .. the notes and the algorithm changes its mask ... it happened again and again .....
Hard to explain, but it does something in the Compact.

And the bitrate is now the information for the algorithm as it has to behave, either working with masks, ie variable bit rate, or without a mask, so fixed bitrate.

In the case of variable bitrate are therefore roughly as images omitted because too many of them are where there is no change in the mask, at a fixed bit rate is calculated each Picture invariably inserted and with that increases the size of the movie file.

You can use the happy times you test by a portion of a film hernimmst where the background is static, without movement and in front of a scroller, so a title is high.

Calculate the time sequence with fixed times and with variable bitrate, then you come s.Hand size quickly behind.

So the problem in order to get a grip on you should see the bitrate to variable set.



Antwort von Eva Maier:

Because what I read of 9 bits, If the 8-bit possibly be?

/ E


Antwort von Wulle:

@ eva

Quote: Because what I read of 9 bits, If the 8-bit possibly be?

default was 9-bit
is "DC - Precision (Intro)

@ digi

hab now the default "PAL MPEG -2 General" used
and the building is already better but there is at fast movements still pixel images, and despite the source material "only" has 3300KBit

've VBR, 2 Pass made
as settings
2.49 min Bitrate
target bitrate 4.2
6.0 max bitrate

you can still improve what
file is now 572 with more defensible

I can still s.den settings which optimize?
s.der or bitrate?



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