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Frage von HDVer:

'm still good things, but synonymous just because I still have one week. I have the following problem: I get my edited HDV material with HC1 of Sony no longer clean off, irregular stops Auspielung frames or seconds for every 1-2min, with multiple moving off the stop points.
My configuration consists Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 (License), an iMac Dual Core 2.0 GHz with 2GB RAM with Boot Camp Beta Windows XP Pro (license).
Please do not tell me that it is s.iMac, all systems run flawlessly otherwise and the performance is given for HDV, maybe one already has the same experience?
Please help me!

Gruß Sebastian


Antwort von Forumgeist:


Did you ever with any other software tries to transfer data?
Since I Boot Camp beta Windowas XP Pro does not have experience, I can no exact tip you give.
In my mind only because schwirt something similar with iMovie and sony camcorder around.

Spirit Forum


Antwort von Mora57:

yes, previously I have in iMovie HD to Apple cut off at the flicker but the Slomos, thus unusable synonymous Other Effects, iMovie HD is also not the dolls editing software, Final Cut HD, I have not tried. With Premiere Pro, I am quite satisfied, until the off. Now I have tried with Premiere cut parts back into iMovie HD yourself, Picture OK but the sound hingt behind or is slowed down, I get Kriese ne ...


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