Infoseite // Problems HV30 + Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate

Frage von gmeini:

Good morning!

Sorry for the next post in the forum .......

Did yesterday about the problems with my Camera and the AVID written.
Unfortunately, after it had long tried to row.

Now I am the evening to my father drove, and got his Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate on the laptop raufgespielt.

he said again here my system data:

Toshiba Notebook Satego X200-21D
Intel Core2 Duo 2x 2.2 GHz
GeForce 8700M GT 512MB
2x 250GB Seagate 7200rpm (upgraded non-standard)

WinXP Service Pack 3
DirectX 10

With Pinnacle following issues are now available .......

Restoring of HV30 to PC -> works perfectly (as opposed to AVID Liquid)

Processing of sequences into a movie -> works
These transitions were used for only simple crossfades used

Movie -> now .......

Pinnacle renders the film, while the beam moves through the timeline.
Once the render is finished, I can play on the button to transfer to the HV30 begin.

Glance at the HV30 promises nothing good for the crossfades are image errors, but the screen is white and partial sequences in the upper left, lower and lower right quarter of the screen can be seen.

Looks as if one's screen into quarters and anywhere can play what, but always with a white stitch and jerky picture.

From and to synonymous during a sequence without crossfades.

So, I thought to myself, then fade out with the final .... :)

But apparently laughs at my Pinnacle meanwhile already head and blushed slightly fabricates despite tough transitions these mistakes again and again ....

Since I am unfortunately at work, I can not upload screenshot.
Will make the afternoon times.

What a phenomenon it ?????

In the project settings, I can not do much.
Source is a HDV25 format of the HV30

Project is a HD 1080 with 25 frames indicated

And rausspielen codec for the MPEG / 2 or HDV2 as synonymous .... can not change ..

I hope once again to help ....
Now I go to the possibilities of software testing from .......


Antwort von gmeini:

So have tried something.

If I material from tape to timeline Schmeisser and without them attacking back of it on the tape plays back, these disorders can not be established image.

That means the original s.der Camera cuts out hard work flawlessly.

However, when I start the sequences herumzudrehen or to reduce, re-starts the whole.

That is, when I played on the laptop material in any way and manner in Pinnacle touch, I get the problem during a sequence change .....

The scenes are all beautifully synonymous to each other and on the tape was previously synonymous nothing on it

Do not understand .......

Below is a synonymous Still Image and a video of the phenomenon


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