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Frage von Dschiry:

I have a problem with Adobe Premiere Pro (7.0).
Always after I created the film,
He is only small watch. Exactly: The image fills about three-quarters of the screen in the form of a quadrilateral. To view the picture around, however, is a black border.

Has anyone an idea which could s.was?

Thanks in advance!



Antwort von foep:

Hey, are several possibilities, what's wrong. I will enumerate a few:
1. Moving
You searched once per video line, the possibility of the Picture "runs" it. There are synonymous the Fkt. "ZOOM". If you rauszoomt here, one has only a small picture. Can you easily change and you have already full.

2. Interlace / Deinterlace

The Halbbildproblematik times each. I do not know exactly what you must now take, but you need to export Genreal in one of two setup menu. What you need to s.nem times recently to try film piece.

3. Codecs

Ne quantity codecs, a lot of trouble. In case of doubt, it is always s.den codecs. Again, you can only trial & error, do not know what thou hast s.Codecs. I work with always Hufyuf or DivX. In my experience are the most adaptable.

4. Possibility

If you by chance a piece of film of a 3D program like Max & Co have built, it could be that there is already the codec problem when rendering in a 3D program existed.

I hope that we can help

foep *


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