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Probleme bei der Ausgabe von Adobe Premiere Pro Cs3

Problems with the output of Adobe Premiere Pro Cs3

Frage von recas:
Juli 2008

Hello, got my film (34 minutes) in the editing program and wants to finish on my HV 30 zurückspielen.Geht not.
Go to on tape ausgeben.Das Info window for rendering goes on and the film is gerendert.Im Info field, the blue bar to the center then would eigendlich the jungle sein.Ist possible but not möglich.Wenn I have to click on tape output begins to render neuen.Habe of it with a shorter piece of film (about 1 minute) and tried because it works.
I would be glad if someone could help.

Antwort von recas:

Hello, have a Problem.Habe my movie in Premiere Cs3 ready gestellt.Nun can I use the finished film (40 minutes) is not completely on a cassette back exportieren.Bei of playing about 20 minutes, this is not Problem.Was here is the error? When creating a DVD, there are no problems.

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Antwort von recas:

Hello, following problem has occurred.
When I do the movie editing program from Adobe Cs3 games on tape turns the camera after 6 minutes on Stop.Im editing program, the task but I next.Welche setting de confused.
Thanks for the help.

Antwort von recas:

Recently switched to my Canon HV30 in the play off of the finished film after 6 minutes ab.Auf the camera monitor check HDV / DV Input.Was is the cause?

Antwort von recas:

"Recas" wrote:
Recently switched to my Canon HV30 in the play off of the finished film after 6 minutes ab.Auf the camera monitor check HDV / DV Input.Was is the cause?

Have times in different forum after this problem gesucht.Mußte note that I am not the only one of this problem lie hat.Soll to Canon.
My Frage.Wer still has such a problem and who can help me here.

Here are some answers from the Adobe Forums.com.
Did this Übersetzt.Darum some errors.
Hello, I have the same problem. I tried HDV export to the tape on two computers, but the export to my canon, the XLH1 always after 3 to 6 minutes each time score s.anderen stopped. The handover process goes next. At first I thought my PC isn t strong enough. But do you know me tired it with a really fast, but it is the same problem. Has anyone of you with ideas? Is there someone who successfully exported HDV to mini-HDV-slap with the Premiere CS3? Ciao, Marcus

read in this forum that this is a Premiere problem with the canon is. But there is a little help. Placed in your camera to protect a recording tape. Then you export in order to bind the premiere. When it stops and the message is protected, tie-change to your project folder and look for the file HDVExport.hdv2 just created Premiere. Copy it and rename the file, for example, in order to HDVExport.mpg. Now you can use this file in each program to open (Vegas, Summit), with the HDV mpg files to work with. Try it there for export to tape. Ciao marcus


Antwort von halbschuh:

Excuse for revisiting, but has anyone been a real solution to the problem found?

I have PP CS3 and try s.Laufen, via "On tape out" on a XH A1 back playing. In the timeline, there can be no error (Interut time code, etc.), because the host is always terminated at a different time. So far, between four and seven minutes, then stops the recording process s.and on the camera display the well-known report on this subject: "Check the HDV / DV Input".

Under PP CS2, this has worked without problems. I hope that the downgrade is not my only option is ...

Antwort von WWJD:

Have unfortunately exactly the same problem with my HV20/30, and no solution :-(
Very annoying .........


Antwort von recas:

"WWJD" wrote:
Have unfortunately exactly the same problem with my HV20/30, and no solution :-(
Very annoying .........


When there is an adobe patsch to download.

Antwort von halbschuh:

Hello Recas

Do you have all the appropriate link to the said patch? I find nothing on the Adobe site.

Thanks & greetings!

Antwort von huelbe:

I think there is no problem with CANON alone. If I use the CS3-processed film on the SONY camcorder issue arises about once every 8-10 minutes a short break. After renewed jungle in CS3 is the video s.dieser body red, and Picture and Sound are not synchronously. If anyone can guess how this problem can be avoided, I would be grateful.

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