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HD-Projekt auf DVD mit Premiere Pro

Project HD-DVD with Premiere Pro

Frage von Veronique:
März 2008


I'm relatively new to this area and how each is likely before the typical entry-level questions.
The video on the calculator and to get it to cut out warrior I have, but the whole format and export possibilities from Premiere slay me fairly.
I currently have the following problem:
Video recorded with SonyFX7 in HD, editing in HD - I would like to spend on DVD, s.besten been synonymous with menu including chapter selection. The video has finished cut 105 minutes duration. The menu I have already created and synonymous to the premiere of the DVD burn. I have chosen (after I have read a lot here) and MPEG2-DVD quality, the extent runtergeschraubt until Premiere thought that by now the stuff is small enough so that it fits on the DVD.
Result: my calculator does the DVD do not play. On the calculator of my friend is running it is, the menu is as synonymous, but no sound. I have no idea what went wrong and you would be very grateful for the help.

Many greetings, Veronique

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Also in HD filming and cutting is sometimes good. So you can always be synonymous as HD export.

I let my first ever DVD structure on hard drive write (VIDEO_TS folder with *. vob, *. ifo and *. bup files). This DVD-Strucktur I can with a DVD player software review. If so everything is running, the chance is great that it synonymous burned s.Wohnzimmer player is running. It is up to 100% of all living players run does not exist. Even pressed DVDs make some trouble. Take a quality disc such as Taiyo Yuden (however, there is little in blödmarkt or so) and you have a problem less.

Antwort von Veronique:

Hello jazzy_d,

thank you for your answer. However, I understand this is still not blödguckt * *
The VIDEO_TS folder is on the DVD, but how or what exactly I should check? The files with the extensions kommischen yes, I can not open ....

I have now the whole video is exported as an avi. However, so yes my menu is not with it. The avi s.PC at least I can play without any problems. But: How do I get that 22 GB avi get on DVD? And as I still get my menu to do so?

LG, Veronique

Antwort von efact:

Kapiteauthoring out, then render compatible DVD and finally on Verbatim DVD-R disc burn ...

Antwort von efact:

The dvd video format called mepg2 and compresses the
avi data at 105min, but the quality is not as dolle his ...
avi if your already on sd-pal you can convert is different
mpeg2 converter try ...
gruß cj

Antwort von jazzy_d:

If the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD is that ever good. Since you have nothing more synonymous convert to avi or something. If it does not work try s.PC times s.einem living player. If there is anything is s.PC "vermurkst" (codec problem or something). Running for other DVDs s.den both PCs?

If the s.PC times everything goes well, I would first enter the DVD to the hard drive can write (VIDEO_TS is on the hard drive of present and can play there and be tested). So you can save yourself the blanks to test. Incidentally, I myself never burn faster than 6x. There are different opinions but synonymous how fast should be burned.

Because apparently the sound problems, what settings do you do for audio in Premiere?

Antwort von Veronique:


I would really try to be earlier, s.DVD player runs the thing. S.PC Why it does not work, nor do I find out. Only the quality is so totally bad, because it is so runterkomprimiert :-( So bad I had not presented.
Then I have but 2 or 3 DVDs out of it :-(

Thank you for your help.

Many greetings, Veronique

Antwort von gastin:

Can you not because of a double layer burn? Because it fits a lot more to it. the disc is more expensive, but at least does not need so much "smaller" are. Double Play is now on each player, I have the best experience with a video on a 3-day wedding celebration ...

Antwort von TMaekler:

The main problem is here but overlooked: it seems designed only in standard definition DVDs, which is HD material actually a waste of quality. What about times with BDMV DVDs or AVCHD discs?

Antwort von July:

BDVMs for synonymous, I think a great thing, at 14 euros per disc is the next holiday pay equal co-incinerated.

Antwort von brendan:

Hello! how are you doing this with the DVD files in VIDEO_TS directory?

if I am in the Media Encoder in Premiere CS3 aud MPEG2-DVD go, can I get a m2v file. and where is the rest?

sorry, but is it really that complicated, "just not with DVD to premiere"?

gruß Brendan

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Encore (with CS3 it) makes a ready-made DVD image with or without a menu.

Antwort von brendan:

all clear, I let it render grad.

what exactly can I get with the data to make the SVCD:

. m2v 0 Kb
. mpa 0 Kb
. mpg 521 MB
. xmp 3 Kb (the meta-infos ..)

And with the "MPEG2-DVD" file:

. m2v (748 MB)
. xmpses (9.5 MB)
. wav (287 MB)
. xmp (3kB)

Antwort von jazzy_d:

ehm ..... SVCD?

Encore ertstellt on the hard disk folders (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS) when it was set accordingly. These folders can with a DVD player software such as a DVD-Video disc and tested. Then make a new Nero DVD-Video Project and attracts both AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder into the project window and burn the disc with max. 6x.

Antwort von brendan:

hi, thank you! I've so busy times and a "half" menu hinbekommen, ie in the preview was, but in the dvd-player and VLC player it does not work. Now I want a DVD-player software for the PC to obtain the test.

what I previously did not know is that HDV garnicht gets to normal DVDs!

Where, in other words s.welcher stelle (premiere, or encore) s.besten converted it into the SD format?

with my test video I made this garnicht special and it really fit, was not biased! black bars above and below, I think that was 16:9 SD.

(edit: as a standard profile is "PAL widescreen" is selected. question.)

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