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Frage zu Adobe Premiere Pro (Edge Feather Effect)

Question about Adobe Premiere Pro (Feather Edge Effect)

Frage von bluecanvas:
März 2009


I have been working recently with Premiere Pro (v.7.0) and have the following "problem":

I would like to Feather Edge Effect Apply, and although on a picture, which I with the Crop function have tailored so that only an excerpt of which is visible. My intention of course, is that Edge Feather (ie a transparency of the video edge) only s.dem gecroppten residual image is applied, but the effect is as if the picture is not gecroppt been and continues to effect s.nicht more visible border of the whole video at. For example, the course does not make sense.
If I had a mat instead of the garbage-Effect of Crop and start the video so just go cut small enough.

I can imagine that there is something for a simple solution, but I really do not know how. Maybe someone has ever tried something and found a trick.
Thank you!

Antwort von Wiro:

"blue canvas" wrote:
Maybe someone has ever tried something and found a trick

Everybody that has ever tried out and then noticed that it does not work, although the task may sound very simple ;-)
Here my approach:

- The Original NOT prune, but it can as it is.
- Titler open and a rectangle over the desired image set.
- This title in track 2 set.
- On track 1 (the video) the Effect track mask set and link with track 2.
- On the title (track 2) a Blur and set to your set.

Sounds more complicated than it is.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von bluecanvas:

Thanks for the tip! I've tested it and do so but only a semi-rectangle out the underlying Videoausschitt release. But I need the video excerpt with transparent shrink rim. Is there no possibility that in Premiere?

Antwort von mentao:

Did the rectangle in the Titler made entirely white?
in the target is the gray ..

Antwort von bluecanvas:

yes, I know habs made. Or should the outset of transparent?

Antwort von Wiro:

One can make the rectangle in the Titler precaution to ensure full of white, that is true. Strictly speaking, this is absolutely no preference - it may be synonymous in red or blue or whatever, because it is an alpha mask acts.

The effect settings window must when setting the trace mask "Alpha mask" can be selected.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von bluecanvas:

I've clicked alpha mask. I take a screenshot drangehängt. Maybe you could you read the chart and tell me what is wrong. Perhaps I was wrong synonymous, because the program I use in English.

Antwort von Wiro:

Is it (almost) everything right.
Take the Edge Feather Effect still away - it is pointless.
Then in track 7 on the title (. Prtl) Effect the "Gaussian Blur" and put in effect setting window so that the edges are nicely softened.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von bluecanvas:

Okay, but then looks like this. I've Opacity (the title) at the previous screenshot asked to 0%, otherwise you will see a white Kastl instead of the video clip.
The blur effect is now only s.dem white Kastl to, and not s.Ausschnitt.

Antwort von Wiro:

In your version you need to head in the track left off the track 7 (click on the eye).
Then it would be correct.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von bluecanvas:

If I limit switching track 7 then you can see the cut as in the first screenshot. In lane 6, is still the white Kastl with the Blur Effect.

I try again throughout the whole of the front.
Thank you for the trouble, I will post whether ichs put together;)

Antwort von Wiro:

Yes, mach mal in times of peace or in front, very systematic. And let the fingers of the Opacity settings.
You have in your effect settings now a shambles caused chaos.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von Debonnaire:

Muttu Making:
1. Clip in new sequence set.
2. Clip using Crop Crop.
3. Sequence as a "clip" in Total Film (-sequence) draw.
4. Edge Feather to this sequence clip apply.


Antwort von Wiro:

"Debonnaire" wrote:

Do not know really.
Even as he makes me feather edge to the whole picture and not just on the neck.
May, however, with ancient AP7 (aka 1.0) does not understand this version because I no longer have on your PC. My tests are with 2.0.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von Debonnaire:

If you have the Edge Feather on the sequence with the clip IS gecroppten lay, then it is no longer on the original Full clip, because nothing like this PP WHITE!

Are you sure you understood my instructions above are followed and properly searched?

Antwort von bluecanvas:

@ Debonnaire:

I've tried the times, of how you described, but the one seems to be no difference whether I Edge Feather on the timeline to the clip gecroppten Effect lege or over windows. And the timeline itself can not create effects.

Could you please explain again how you've meant?

Antwort von Debonnaire:

Have made a mistake and it corrected all of the responses above, I said no both "Time Line" but "Sequence".

But, to my tremendous surprise, gehts not synonymous, when the procedure carries with Sequences. Edge Feather seems always from the absolute edge of the frames should be assumed.

Workaround solution:
1. Clip in new Sequence draw.
2. Crop clip directly to apply.
3. Clip Motion by upscaling so that he is everywhere s.den edges of the frame is restored.
4. Create New Sequence.
5. Sequence from 1 as a clip in this new Sequence purely drag.
6. Clip runterskalieren again so that it is the same size as in 2nd
7. Edge Feather to this clip-Sequence apply. Then go!

If you, however, the clip from 1 through the cropping is not the same aspect ratio did leave, as he originally was, it could be that the Feather Edge is not exactly the desired result shows, as it only works correctly s.denjenigen pages at the upscaling in 6 s.den to the edge of the frame arrived. Well ...

Helps you now?

Antwort von Jörg:

Why always new tips, which are then synonymous still wrong?
WIROS tip is ingeniously simple and fit ...
I take such things for a simple course of mask, which gives the soft edge, the rest track matte. Takes a few seconds and is very simple.

Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Joerg" wrote:
Why always new tips, which are then synonymous still wrong?

Because you might like to learn what would like instead to permanently hand the workaround to vegetate?

What is "wrong" s.der new solution?

Antwort von Wiro:

Well, folks.
I'll give these tips do not stop at anything to say.
But because they have proven a hundred times.

One can thus easily be retrofitted to cut enlarge or reduce the soft edge Gusto adapt, excerpt, or even via keyframes with a motive to carry. If you want.

One must of course be prepared to accept such tips synonymous.
But most of the opposition wins halt spirit.
Advice resistance, it is called then.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von bluecanvas:


I have now finally understood how to work with the sequences and the solution with upscaling to a sequence in the other insert, and then runterskalieren Feather Edge actually works surprisingly well for what I need.

That with the masks that I have to look more closely, but there seems a huge potential drinzustecken, so I will deal in more detail. As I said I'm yet to start with the program.

Thank you all again for the help!

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