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Frage von ????florian????:

I use MAGIX Video deluxe SE only since yesterday, before I have my
Movies with Movie Maker Mindows cut together.
WMM can be done in the volume of video / music regularly. (Eg if the noise in the video were too loud and I have little of the music could hear, I have just the volume focus more on music not the noise of film made)
Yesterday I used the whole evening spent in a similar function MVdSE learn, but vergebloß ...

I would be very pleased if someone could explain to me what I need.

Yours sincerely, FLORIAN

PS. if someone does not understand my question, he should write it and I try to express prezieser yet.


Antwort von !!!ForumUser!!!:

The issue is not serious. The problem I had not yet synonymous. Perhaps it does so only because otherwise, or so: - /

MHM's ma but your question on Since users are only aware of the Magix determined as better than here.


Antwort von ????florian????:

Ah ok now knows how to do this Thank you!


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