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Frage von Dennis:

Hello I are a couple of days magix video. 05.06 plus had, before everything mitt pinnacle studio 9 made. Well, I have a DVD created with magix and nothing changed since I've no idea of what you can do anything when set. I have only set the data rate at constant 6000 how shall I ever made synonymous with studi9 have and audi to 128 I've watched the dvd then I was slightly entteuscht because I find that the quality is not as great as in pinnacle, I think the picture looks as if it's easy to swim, or as we say in the dark and cut off one pixel sees education not bad but they are there at the pinnacle ha I nichteinmal at 5000 can someone help me, I must again adjust something? because everywhere in semtlichen test, I prefer the les halt magix pinnacle of quality i was synonymous habs halt bought for me is the pinnacle several options since then not so einräumfähig


Antwort von Michi:

Hi Dennis
Unfortunately I can not tell you what you need to make for settings to make it better. But I can confirm at least that you're not the only one with this problem.

I work with Magix Video Pros 2004/05 and Pinnacle Studio 9.4.

At Pinnacle, I think this picture is rendered much cleaner. But I have found that with Pinnacle during fast panning to a "Water in" comes in the picture, as if the lens of the camcorder would not be in order. Since at the Magix at the same frame is not the case, I think it is not s.Camcorders special s.Pinnacle?

My suggestion to your problem is:
Edit video with Magix, since it is much faster and easier. To DV-tape play (FireWire), if your camcorder can.
Importing back-burn DV tape to computer and with Pinnacle on DVD.

I'm still synonymous s.testen of existing MPEG 2 encoders. Of course, all test versions. Can you download on the Internet.
For example, tsunami, CCE, etc. but only to encode to MPEG2, there really is for me the Magix enfach. I am just a home video maker.

Let me know what you think about this. I would be interested.

Gruss Michi


Antwort von prem:

Hello, michi but Dennis has posted in June, which you will no longer respond


Antwort von ash3000:

Oops. Thank you.


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