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SD-Karten-Kamera mit HDV für circa 1000€ Konzertgeeignet

SD Card Camera with HDV for about ¬ 1000 concert Suitable

Frage von A6Sr:
Februar 2008


Some tips I have here in the forum, at Idealo and on various other pages, but I stand before the election and I always something missing s.den cameras, which I think (either with DVD-recording or a Micro-In) .

First of all my results of my search - for guidance where we are:
Panasonic HDC-SD5EG-K
Panasonic HDC-SD1EG-S

My criteria:
HDV with 1920 * 1080, 1440 * 1080 pixels
MPEG2 format, not MPEG-4
Picture CCD sensor with 3 sensors for each color image sensor with large (> = 0.5 inches) and high light sensitivity -> 0.4 Mega pixels (PAL) * 3 = 1.2 megapixels
Video recording to SD cards, no cassettes, no hard drive, no DVD
Good Battery capacity
interchangeable lens with filter thread and a high luminous intensity and manual focus (possibly manual focus with automatic exposure)
10 times optical zoom is sufficient (digital no preference)
LED Lighting
any touch-screen
Optical Image Stabilization and Tripod
true 16:9 format
approximately 500 up to a maximum of ¬ 1000 ¬
possibly black and white display - Viewfinder should in any case be
Microphone and headphone connector -> sound for concerts
manual focus set required (because of fast changing light)
Exposure detectable because of darkness in concert / at night
Good Image Stabilization

In itself, is about to shoot videos for family celebrations, growing up the child, holiday and synonymous s.and s.einmal a concert (but in an acceptable quality - pixelated and not only immediate Tonrauschen with basses but stable picture and sound consistent sound quality). I think that for concert recordings of connecting an external microphone or s.das mixer unumgägnlich will be - so do I need for my understanding presumes a Micro-Input (Please correct me if I am wrong).

In any event, I would like the media, miniDV, DVD and HDD avoided. I sit here completely on SD memory cards - it will in future give greater synonymous, synonymous so you can perform longer recordings. Advantages and disadvantages are to me in large and well known throughout the course.

The acquisition should be synonymous over the next 5-10 years as a lifetime (I know: a delusion in which today's technology-decay). But I have before me a camera to buy and this is a long time to use.

Which Camera would fit this, what recommendation would you give me to my ideas as to avoidance of HDD, DVD and miniDV and "Concerto suitability" requirements.

Thanks in advance.

Antwort von SebiG:

I can synonymous wrong but you should bear in mind vollgendes:

1. Memory cards for video aufnhemen have nothing with the Aldi or MM cards offered to do so. You must always buy the expensive, the camera of Mr. Teller come.

2. All HDV tape camcorders feature synonymous, which is now holding times. If you have SD, DVD or HDD AVCHD want had to be a device to buy (which actually speaks dageben?)

Antwort von A6Sr:

To 1 As for the "expensive" SD cards are - no problem - in the media I use (no preference whether DVD, floppy disks, SD, MMC) Eighth, I always refer to the values appropriate to buy and only SanDisk, Verbatim, or the like.

On 2 OK, against AVCHD speaks not just for me. If it were synonymous an option for me.

The important thing is just no Bändergefriemel (synonymous if they legitimately have your existence - see the quality and volume of data) and "Concerto suitable" for a maximum of approximately 1000 ¬.

Antwort von exit:maria:

From your results are only as far as I know the Panasonic SD devices are on and appliances AVCHD (MPEG4).
The Canon (not Sony!) HV30 and the SonyHC7 and HC9 miniDV to take on and are HDV devices (MPEG2).
If you want to MPEG2 format, that is easier to work with, you will probably HV20/30 the Canon or the SonyHC7/HC9 take.

As already said, that with the tape is the way, HDV is MPEG2 and it will be recorded on tape. If you want memory card you have to be a AVCHD set.

Only possibility would be maybe the JVC HD7, which adopts MPEG2 on hard drive and is still on SD and SDHC cards, but for the money, I would Leiber the Canon or Sony Holenstein.

Well, you is not necessarily the expensive memory card from the camera manufacturers buy an SDHC card of brand-name manufacturers such as Sandisk should work synonymous.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"A6Sr" wrote:
... Picture CCD sensor ...>= 0.5 Inch ... interchangeable lens ... maximum of 1000 ¬ ...

Since none of the cameras of your preselected met your criteria, you should already be aware that you - like any camera buyer - need to compromise: Sensors in the 1/2-Inch-Klasse you in the targeted class, for example, just looking in vain like a Exchangable optics.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von A6Sr:

That a compromise is unavoidable, it is clear to me.

Also, the SonyHDR CX6EK (allegedly Dolby ® Digital 5.1-channel) comes into question as a compromise, but this example has no input for an external Micro. The Panasonic HDC-SD5EG-K synonymous in turn promises a lot, but it is synonymous to the micro problem and partly bad reviews regarding filmed movements.
But what about the concert with the fitness equipment (Rock, Pop, Electro, Metal concerts).

Most important to me at any rate:
Recording on memory card (no tape, DVD, HDD)
Full HD Quality
Focus and image stability and image quality
Suitable concert (in Picture and Sound)
Everything else is easy in the compromise acceptable.

Antwort von exit:maria:

Why must it unbedigt with his memory?

Picture From her you will be with the Canon HV20/30 or synonymous SonyHC7/HC9 s.besten be served.
The sound should be at concerts anyway come directly from the mixer, so the drive would be noise from the Canon no preference, while in a noisy environment is not always noticeable. External Micro and manual audio control would still recommend that Canon can do, Sony I do not now.

Antwort von A6Sr:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Why must it unbedigt with his memory?

Quite simply, HDD, DV and DVD drive, the noise and a corresponding energy consumption.
With tape, I will not start again - on the one hand, it is too cumbersome, on the other hand, bad experiences regarding cracked tapes etc.
HDD - And when the hard drive is broken at some point - so thank you - new camcorder necessary (if not interchangeable) and also not my case.
DVD: If the drive is broken, it is economically equal synonymous a new camera and also due to the issue of media is always handy to have and replace them.

Advantage of memory cards: compact, I have some of them and just my Fovorit.
Voted against the other media simply a dislike of nature.

a CameraLink, which I have not even gone on the run is (because nciht still on the market) is the following:
Canon VIXIA HF100, which to me seems the most criteria. Nevertheless, the question of how it in terms of picture quality especially for concerts looks.

Antwort von salinger:

True, s.die nines Canon HF10 (16GB internal Flash + SD) and HF100 (SD only), I have not thought of. The others might have the best compromise.

I give you energy right at the drive noise is external microphones and even cameras can still drive without noise, for example type: Lens / Zoom, fans for cooling, ...

Antwort von A6Sr:

So it will probably be the Canon HF100. If the trade is available and I acquired, I'll describe my impressions of whether this camera for my rights and purposes appears (after the first test) - so it seems to me here so unfortunately nemand a descriptive to be able to tip; -)

Antwort von przy:

"A6Sr" wrote:
"Anonymous" wrote:
Why must it unbedigt with his memory?

Quite simply, HDD, DV and DVD drive, the noise and a corresponding energy consumption.
With tape, I will not start again - on the one hand, it is too cumbersome, on the other hand, bad experiences regarding cracked tapes, etc. ..

... Imagine, a tape tears (extremely rare!) - You cut the damaged ends clean, stick it together and it is usually 95% of your shots "keep" - but what happens when you have a memory card the service is denied?

And with the drive noise is smaller than compared to the thermal Specials (see Panasonic) or the fan noise in Memory Cams.

I also would you like to HV20/30 or HC7 / 9 rates ...

Antwort von Markus:

"A6Sr" wrote:
With tape, I will not start again [...] bad experiences regarding cracked tapes etc.

To DV tapes for tearing to bring you tapes and camcorder but very roughly treated. If your style is, I am not surprised that DVD and hard drive also eliminated and only the memory remains. Whether to rough use, but will last long, remains uncertain, because synonymous memory has an Achilles heel.

Antwort von A6Sr:

So are the Canon. For me, a convincing counter-arguments and practical assistance in general, there has not really.

And because of bands - I maintain - not my case - and this has nothing with rough treatment to be done, as here of another suspected. Just an aversion against it.

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