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Frage von TahdeNard:


Is it possible or necessity to make several sequences for different film formats.

For example, I use AVCHD + DV + HDV PAL ..... and want to cut a film.

If so, how does that work?

Thanks for your help



Antwort von Jörg:

It is possible but not necessary to cut any size in a separate, matching sequence.
Question will be:
as you want to deal with the resolution differences?
If the HDTV and HDV files to be scaled down in a SD Project, or to DV in PIP run mania in the "big" sequences.
The upscaling of DV to HDTV you will not even seriously consider ...?


Antwort von TahdeNard:

Thanks for the info Jörg!

Will then be more downscaling :-)


Antwort von Jörg:

My advice would rather go to a PIP display, if the proportion of non-DV predominates, depending on how the HD material in your
Value is located, and what the topic is about.
Are these landscapes, scenic material, or what
is it?

If it is good HD material, I would prefer something like that, with the SD embed a background in the HD Project,
is dependent on the material and subject.


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