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Sony HDR-FX7E oder besser Canon XH A1?

SonyHDR-FX7E or better Canon XH A1?

Frage von sabbler:
März 2008

'm currently s.Grübeln whether I prefer to SonyHDR-FX7E or better Canon XH A1 kaufa. We must premise that I do not or only rarely by Tripod movies with the camera but from hand had filmed so far. I have currently a Panasonic gs-500, so this is not synonymous weight problem.

Now let me switch to HDV, had with so-called shoulder cameras but have no experience. Think of quality and facilities would be clearly preferable to the Canon which I have read so far. Question is only because I work without a tripod, with the camcorder'm moving around a lot of perspectives to grasp whether it is not the easy part of Sony but rather may be appropriate.

I still have to say that I am mostly in auto mode've filmed so far.

And what's actually looks with the image stabilizer for both devices are comparable to the well?

As for the finances, I could you 600 euro to the Canon costs more still live with, so that would be subordinated to my buying decision.

Ever grateful for your tips.

PS: Do you whether the Canon synonymous with demand from HDV to DV mode can be converted?

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

Before now all of the pages on eingeprügelt you will - again without an absolute amateur idea but with money shit "- ne succinct answer:

1. Yes, the FX7 is for your purposes is clearly more suitable.
2. Yes it is synonymous DV filming, but in retrospect software of HDV to DV is better quality.

Antwort von Spitfire:

Hello, if you have not decided yet, I can say what synonymous: I have been a short time and am thrilled FX7.
If you are mostly in automatic mode, the film is intended in this discipline dehr good. I have nähmlich synonymous heard that the A1
rather than the automatic mode is for, because as professionals with a part of everything anyway Mamuell make.

Hope I could help you

Antwort von edgar:

First of all thank you for your reply. But I prefer to leave as a 20 x amateur nasty insult and have 20 opinions than just one ...

What does the rest, please?

1. I reach in automatic mode with the Sonyeine actually better quality than with the Canon?

2. I have not to my previous level and stop me I'm not averse to the manual to incorporate status. (Most times have begun sometime ...;-) Is this any instructions Internet / Online Workshops?

3. Is better than the Sonytatsächlich camcorder for mobile use (without tripod). Synonymous've already heard the voices say, a larger heavier camera can sometimes prevent Wobbler better than a smaller lighter.

In your opinion, I am grateful to you.

Antwort von r.p.television:

Basically, it is true of course, that you in auto mode with the FX7, the camera did better.
But - and as you yourself have acknowledged - but it would be s.der time you a challenge and elevate your skills.
Finally, you are not just little money out of your camcorder. You should therefore bring synonymous interest, with this camera may well be. And that speaks clearly and in every respect against automatic.
If you have a video camera controls, the Canon is clearly more for their money.
And yes. I would say you can give me better you make shots without tripod. It is minimal and thus heavier vehicles. She has a clear interpretation of weitwinkligere lens. And everyone knows: The more the focal weitwinkliger, the less subjective to Bildwackler fall.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"sabbler" wrote:
(...) With so-called shoulder cameras (...)

As for the FX7 and the A1 are both not ...

Antwort von joachino:

Thank you for your answers. I tend now to Canon. One question is: Who of you with an online workshop about times to get first look at yourself?

Antwort von scream:


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