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Sony bringt neue HDV-Consumer Camcorder: HDR-HC3

Sonybringt new consumer HDV camcorders: HDR-HC3

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Februar 2006

Sonybringt new consumer HDV camcorders: HDR-HC3 of rudi - 21 Feb 2006 09:19:00
After Sonyselbst already a few weeks ago, a manual has escaped the net, is the whole actually no real surprise. However, there are still many unknown details about the new HDR-HC3 to report, which will be officially launched today. The new model is significantly smaller and cheaper than the previous Mini HDV HDR-HC1. The 1/3-inch CMOS sensor to deliver thanks to its new ClearVid technology, better colors than previous Einchipper and synonymous here again be somewhat more sensitive to light. This is made possible by the rotation of the image sensor by 45 degrees, which are now three times as many green pixels. (RGB ratio of 1:6:1). The effective number of pixels for video recordings is given with 1.5 - 2 megapixels, but there is only an electronic image stabilization. For the image quality makes it a high quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * Lens with 10x optical zoom. The 16:9 Clear Photo LCD display with 211,000 pixels Pros and 6.9 cm diagonal (2.7 inch) should (as with all HDV models) not sufficient for optimum sharpness impression. The manual controls are compared to the HC1 even been somewhat limited, but the menu are still many features such as histogram or zebra functions accessible. There will be even a built-in digital effect, calls himself "cinematic" but it is unclear whether Cinegamma-hides behind it a function. If, however, must be painfully missed in addition to manual level control of at least a microphone input and a header phones output.

As a real hit might prove the Smooth Slow Record feature is the first time, enable real slow-motion shots. Here, the image intensifier shall incorporate in 3 seconds up to 200 images he places it in a cache. After recording these images then with the normal frame rate (ie 25 FPS) written on the tape.

To enjoy the HDV signal to the corresponding synonymous televisions and monitors to be was next to a component synonymous integrates an HDMI output. The list price will range between 1500 and 1600 euros, will be delivered in April. In contrast to HC1/A1 a professional version of the Sony HC3 loud way, is not planned. Just as little is to replace the HC1, the HC3.

The HDR-HC3 HDV Sonynun a true Mini (makes about 500 grams), while the competition is still hardly seem to be reacting to. Since the entry price for HDV with this model again falls by about 400 euros, is expected to sell well like this camera, like the already highly successful HDR-HC1. We ask ourselves just why Canon and Panasonic does not seem to want to play in this market?
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Antwort von miciculi:

Too bad that the shutter speeds you can not choose manual!

Antwort von prem:

Pity that the viewfinder can not be pulled out and tilted upward.

Antwort von little_o:

Finally, a small HDV camcorder for the serious amateur!
Bravo, so next!

But why not use the hard drive for recording?

Antwort von pater_moster:

Unfortunately, what appears from the manual does not work, the downloading of shooting as files on your PC if you do not just have one-SONY laptop. Can the iLink cable s.Firewire or used USB2? For such a high-tech device, one should expect the use of standard PC's. So, please describe it!

Antwort von jens:

sonysche iLink = Firewire. Your first camcorder? If not, then dub, as before ;-)


Antwort von Jan:

HDV can not download data via USB anyway, that was already at HDR HC 1 so synonymous, and is a good thing, Firewire is simply more stable.


Antwort von neuer Gast:

I have the HDR-HC3, for a week.
The skin around a picture really is.
Sometimes light / dark (Terminator fibrillation) positions.
First it flickers slightly and then it gets a little worse.
The HDMI output is not assigned according to status display. The camera needs to be exchanged anyway. Synonymous why I use the analog component connection. What could that be?
My monitor is a 32 inch LCD TV of LG with 1366 x 768 pixels.

Antwort von Wosella:

Has anyone of you already tried out the slow motion feature? I have now returned again two cameras, because the function ausfzeichnet when switching dunkelrere and blurred images. According to the Sonydarf not be, but I have got only two Kapputt cameras. Coincidence?


Antwort von Jan:

Yes da gabs here Some test (trunk) of the slow-motion picture, unfortunately, used the function Sonybei about what is synonymous 640x480 reflected in the quality, stability is synonymous always off.

But still motion once a relatively cheap slow.


Antwort von noname:


ind erbedineungslaeitungs stands at something of no video input "to" just out of - and in the tech-sony-online-beschreigung stands for "to" always NO. So ..... not a camcorder. gibts one solution. unlock? if so, how?

Antwort von mw:

I bought my camera last week.
In the first tests - Recording and playback - is a distinct whirring of the drive to hear. This is so loud that one in a quiet area with the sound recording.
I was at the dealer. The demonstration model makes similar noises.
Has made this experience even one?

Antwort von ruessel:

Is quite normal, makes synonymous my HC3. Sony belts run more quietly than Panasonic .....

Antwort von Alpinist:

"ruessel" wrote:
Is quite normal, makes synonymous my HC3. Sony belts run more quietly than Panasonic .....

I do not have attention on it, but already a lot of quiet scenes reworked and / or viewed, and I noticed no noise of the drive. When I HOST with the device, I can hear the drive is already clear sound, only on the tape I have not seen it - not a faint synonymous Noise ...



Antwort von Harry Lawyer:

hi s.alle,

I want to buy me now synonymous the camera and had the apprehension that the cam, mini DV tapes of old recordings could play or not?? So mini-DV recordings of my JVC GY-DV5000?? If someone would answer as quickly as possible, I would be very happy !!!!!!

Play .. JVC GY-DV5000 mini DV cassettes with SonyHDR-HC3 ...

With KIDNESS Greeting


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Sony's HDR-HC3, playing with my Panasonic NV-GS-400 described DV tapes from interference.

Antwort von Markus:

"Harry Lawyer" wrote:
... and had the apprehension that the cam, mini DV cassettes can play old recordings ...?!?!

That means it'd be better if this were not possible? ... Will probably be a disappointment! ;-)

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"noname" wrote:


... going on for a few years longer with None Camera.

Antwort von Gummi:

the Mac via USB only access to the chip extra (buy)
And yet doller Mac recognizes sonysches firewire (ilink) not at all, because nothing goes ... Oli

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote:
the Mac via USB only recognizes access to the chip ... Mac sonysches firewire (ilink) does not

Via USB, the HC3 generally transmits the images from the Memory Stick, via Firewire, the video of the tape - no preference whether Windows or Mac. Have you already found the reason why apparently it does not work with you?

Gruß Bernd E.

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