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Frage von der_klang:


I have removed a 16-minute interview of DVD with TMpeg gedemuxt into a m2v and an AC3 track an annoying 50Hz hum from the audio file to.
When refurbished, the audio material is reimported into premiere pro 1.5, both rendered in the preview as synonymous asynchrony material played out in a.
The material has 16bit 48kHz audio is 16:28:03 long and right after the demux as synonymous to the reimported. it has not changed in length and is therefore not synonymous become faster or slower. ergo, must have changed in the bildmaterial speed. I've exported in various forms, and yes, it is so synonymous in the preview so it can not synonymous s.der range close to ....

who knows rat ...
I'm still the high walls ... grmpf



Antwort von Markus:

Since it is next:


Antwort von Stefan:

1 / Did you already embedded AC3 file as unrestored with APP? So you would see if the problem lies with the restored audio file, or - in principle - in the video or the processing chain.

2 / Instead of going through the demuxer TMPGEnc, you could be synonymous over VirtualDub-MPEG2 Of Fcchandler going to create an easily cut AVI to video. You can very precisely synonymous with VD (in milliseconds) to correct a constant offset of video + audio. The problem is if the offset on the game length will change ;-( And you can very precisely the interleave between video and audio in the data set ( "So that's always enough audio in the buffer stock, if the next picture is processed").

3 / The meaning of APP I do not know. Can you describe it, what do you do with it? I'd be working where possible with AVI files and WAV files to APP. That can s.besten ...

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von MiXMaster:

Thanks for the answer.

I have again put up in nem new thread about this because I have a few things through each other ... sorry gheshmissen

So actually the problem lies exclusively in tmpeg, because the asynchrony already created here. after the demux mpeg to m2v and ac3 and the re-mux the audio track is shifted in Zeiner, and also out of time.
to the other intelligent bandwidth. But nothing happens in real-time, and especially about festplatten??

Thanks in advance for the help, and a sunny christmas ...

the sound


Antwort von Stefan:

Well since you can now run the causes why and how to take a pragmatic, or another tool.

I would resort to the latter and try erstmal on the way from my last post.

Merry Christmas
The fat Stefan


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