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Ton asynchron beim Capturen über Firewire

Sound asynchronously when capturing via firewire

Frage von vdp1331:
März 2006

So actually, the title says almost everything:
I capture via firewire of a JVC HR-DVS3 and always put down again asynchronous sound. Unfortunately I can not fasten on what occasions this happens. It comes in both VHS as synonymous with Mini-DV before recordings.
Misc. Setup:
PowerMac G4, FinalCut Pro3.

Perhaps someone has an idea indeed!?
Thanks in advance and best regards

Antwort von Gast1:

With DV-capturing the data are transferred from a tape 1:1 and not edited or changed.
If the sound is behind that is probably s.deinem asynchronously s.der codec or player software.

Antwort von vdp1331:

First of all thanks for the quick response!
Well this is why I am so helpless and I can not explain the problem with Firewire, because both (Sound and Picture) FiWi goes on and really should be no time differences ..
Sometimes it works so synonymous - which makes me even stutiger. FinalCut the internal DV codec, or even synonymous FinalCut I would exclude as a source of error ..
Something else: I capture to external firewire hard disks. may lie the problem? That it is not optiimal I know, but such an error can not come thereby reached, or (because the data is indeed stored in a file and should occur no differences between visual and sound)?
Well, I hope my comments are not too confusing and you can give me more suggestions for the failed search.
Thanks again

Antwort von Gast1:

If you have several playback options: the sound is in all asynchronously? If you have only one play option: try it with a second.

Antwort von vdp1331:

if I gecapturte file directly in Quicktime choppy play, unfortunately, extremely, so that no estimation possible. In iMovie, I can not import the file just because it is too big. Become times but one (capture smaller) comparison file and then compare. Good approach. Thank you! See you later

Antwort von vdp1331:

So, I just finally made a new test. This has provided the results are that the gecaptureten in Final Cut synonymous files in Quicktime and iMovie asynchronously. Playback software can thus be excluded as a source of error.
Maybe someone has a different approach, or had similar problems?

Antwort von Axel:

This is a very long time ago. My first DV recordings I made on vacation. I was always so curious to see the shots that I rewound to see it another go-between. In order to show certain motifs are traveling as well, I've even rausgenommen the tapes. At home, I then had a timecode break s.nächsten, and had received so piecemeal. In fact, 4 or 5 clips were asynchronously.Ich by up to a second, the relationship can not explain, but after this lesson, I have no timecode breaks had more synonymous and no asynchronous sound. Hope this helps you next.

Antwort von Peter S.:

Do your recordings 32,000 or 44.100 kHz audio sampling? In the former, that happens sometimes when there are set in Captureptogramm 44,100.
Mfg Peter

Antwort von Goldi:


when is the soundtrack to asynchronously? s.anfang or even only at the end too. How much material do you s.stück captures. in Final Cut Pro 3, it actually comes before that, after about half an hour of the clay is lagging behind. abhilfe capture: single shots. which lasts longer. but is useful in postproduction.


Antwort von StefanS:

But do not you take the following test:

After some time capturn just make cuts, scene cuts, transitions, etc.

This test film you now copying back to tape.
Test this tape with the camera directly s.TV, sound ok or asynchronously?

Create the test film to DVD.
Test the DVD s.TV, sound ok or asynchronously?

I propose to you before this test, because I myself once I stumbled upon an asynchronous sound, and while playing the cut of the movie timeline. I thought this can not be (DV, Firewire, etc.) and then Gebau've done that, what I have described above.

Neither the tape nor the DVD were asynchronously.

Apparently, the asynchronous sound was only available when playing from the timeline, even though all the project settings were OK.

Happened to me on my old MSP6.0 and my old AMD 850th


Antwort von vdp1331:

Well, first of thanks once again for the many suggestions!

In the meantime, I have something next rumprobiert:

In FinalCut I capture the sound the way kHz in 48th

The problem is actually (significantly) only with longer chapters that I capture.

On a burned DVD, the problem persists.

And now comes: when I capture with iMovie and then import the material into FinalCut everything is in order (no preference how long the pieces are gecaptureten (with iMovie limits the file size to 2GB> 10 min ..)
Viewed s.Rande: how can I move to iMovie rather than with 32 kHz with 48 kHz sampling rate to capture?

Furthermore, I have tried in FinalCut, add the option "audio and video into separate files to (de-activate) - also without success.

The method system to merge smaller Takes on short shots, of course, makes sense and avoids the problem aaaber It is not uncommon that I import an entire DV tape (must), for example, a longer interview. In this course, then I would not again have to join the little snippets - and synonymous not all the time and constantly sitting next to the Recording restart .. I also want to stay FinalCut synonymous for these tasks willingly and faithfully not be forced to resort to iMovie.

Sorry for the escalating reports! I hope everything is reasonably understandable ..

Thanks for any further tips / suggestions!


Edith: If I place on the external disk to an internal FiWi machts synonymous capture any difference ..

Antwort von Enigma1:

I have exactly the same problem, the longer the gecapturete video, the more it is asynchronous.

Comprehension questions:
I assume from the dubbing of a DV camera in the 1:1 film on the plate, respectively, the data of the video tape in the camera 1 to 1 as they go on the record? Where can there really be anything asynchronously?

Can it be the card installed the drivers that Windows automatically after installation of firewire, is the cause of the problem or not is this possible? Should I install another? Gibts da special or which have proved successful?

Must / should I install any particular codec in DV capture the asynchrony in the Grif to get? Does there exist some dubbing of DV codec on hard drive?

What else makes sense? Many questions, I thank you in advance.

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