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Vegas Studio 10, AVCHD Bearbeitung zum verzweifeln

Vegas Studio 10, AVCHD editing to despair

Frage von HD-Fan2010:
Januar 2011


My setup:
Camera: Canon HF 100, AVCHD, MTS files Full HD 17 Mb / s
Computer: Intel Quad i7 920, 3.2 GHz, 6 GB Ram, SSHD, Bluray Burner

All I want is just cut my movies, edit a bit and sharpen and then burn to Bluray.

What maybe does not want: visible sharpness and quality loss, motion blur and artifacts!

Can someone tell me how I can do it? I'm s.verzweifeln ...

I render sony avc (50i AVCHD / Blu-ray full HD, AVC was no preference): sharpness and visible loss of quality, synonymous with max. Bit rate. Moreover, it takes a long time: not acceptable, if you have the output quality than Comparison.

I render it to MPEG-2 (Bluray hd 50i, m2ts): From a bit rate of 35 Mbit / s quality quite well. Disadvantage: files are very large and: when I want then burn with the DVD Architect 5.0, first displays the bit rate is too large and 2 I see on the finished disc is no picture but only hear the sound.
Basically, I find it funny synonymous of mpeg-4 to mpeg-2 rendering. Finally, it should now provide good quality mpeg-4, while saving space!

I render to MP4, 25 Mb / s: Created films are very sharp, slight horizontal lines. Rendering takes a long time. When you burn the file but is rendered again and although half a minute will take 20 minutes!
The horizontal lines go away but by the quality of the burned video is extremely good. In practice, this possibility is not suitable, because far too Zeitaufwenig ...

Is there no way, without visible losses and properly addressed in time (up to four times the rendering time in Comparison to the original) to burn a movie? My camera takes full-HD in real time, and in much better quality, in a housing the size of my hand and no quad-core processor.

I thank you for your patience ...

Antwort von deti:

"HD-Fan2010" wrote:
What maybe does not want: visible sharpness and quality loss, motion blur and artifacts!

In each rendering quality is lost. Maybe you're just too sensitive? You may watch videos in such cases, either as individual images or view on a large screen in the vicinity - something inevitably leads to discontent.

However, if you sharpen HF100 material again, then I do not know what you want to achieve with it, except to stress the encoder! This camera was one of the first pretty much the limit for high s.der feasible.


Antwort von Jitter:

With Vegas studio, I have not worked. Can you assure, however, that both as a booster with Edius Neo synonymous with Cyberlink Power Director 9 lossless processing (including Bluray) is not a problem. With 17 MB Ausgansmaterial you keep meaningfully in the original data rate, thus preserving the synonymous Bluray compatibility remains.
Lad you once the trial version of PD9 down and try 's off. So you can at least your current Proijekt finish: edit in AVCHD natively and then burn directly with the Schinttprogramm on Bluray.

Antwort von deti:

"Jitter" wrote:
You can however assure you that ... the loss-free processing (including Bluray) is not a problem.

Can you but assure you that some relating to video editing did not understand: Each Transcoding is lossy.


Antwort von Jitter:

I know that. It is HD-Fan to 2010 but visible with the naked eye to be recognized losses. What he does in Vegas, will be with Edius and PD) does not guarantee repeat. By the way, there are now editing software that renders synonymous with AVCHD only effects and transitions, otherwise the Ausgangsmatrial is maintained. With HDV, which has long taken for granted.

Antwort von deti:

"Jitter" wrote:
What he does in Vegas, will be with Edius and PD) does not guarantee repeat. By the way, there are now editing software that renders synonymous with AVCHD only effects and transitions, otherwise the Ausgangsmatrial is maintained.

I look at every editing software make a difference. If you do not know Vegas, then you can not presume to say to you that this software does things worse than you familiar products (eg Avid MC I-Fan). Especially with Edius, when the so-called "HQ" changed codec, you can see clear differences. The Smart Rendering of you mentioned happened almost never, because as soon as only a small effect, such as a color correction or the desired sharpening is applied, so it's over. In that sense, smart rendering for practice, a pretty little relevance.


Antwort von HD-Fan2010:

Yes, I must admit that I am very critical and close synonymous assessed before the screen quality. Apart from nachscharfen:
In SonyAVC coding already are much more visible artifacts and sometimes it is as synonymous with other matters: Without knowing where it is in the details, the overall impression is changing.
When you come and have a quiet, quiescent HD Picture and then a little flickering, especially on movement and so next, then this window effect lost that one sometimes has in beautiful HD images.
I would be interested to know what my colleagues do with sony vegas so, because, as I said, at the output of MPEG-2 (Blray 50i full HD format) as an m2v file, the quality is quite good (if synonymous with very large files ) burn only when I see the picture but not hear is the sound.
Of course it is a pity not to Mpeg-4 to remain at similar results ...

Antwort von Jitter:

I assume that you are performing the post with the native AVCHD footage and transkodierst only at the output.
As someone who does not directly Vegas studio 10, I can only serve with Dr of information that may be instructive. According VAD Smart rendering was possible at Studio 10 with files of the RF 100th As the result looks at the issue in another format, you discover there is not unfortunately.

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