Infoseite // Video Capture SonyFX 7 without HDMI or Fire Wire input

Frage von Pb81ausbamr:

Hello together.

I got a HP TouchSmart given 600 PC. Problem: There is no HDMI input, or Firewire? Is there a way to HDV - video footage of SonyFX 7 Camera bring to the PC?

I Think I after a long search following. Is there an experience with?

Possibility 1.) Connecting a PCMCIA card reader to USB and then buy a firewire card. So I would have two ways one retrofitted FireWire input ...

Possibility 2.) Have Logilink of an adapter found. Could I upgrade with the help of this change an HDMI input??

Thank you for answers.


Antwort von Alf_300:

Option 2 is the way I read that HDMI output for connection of projector, etc. - So no Camera In


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Pb81ausbamr" wrote: ... no HDMI input, or Firewire ...
If the calculator at least one free PCIe slot? Then you could simply Firewire and cheap to retrofit in this way.


Antwort von Pb81ausbamr:

These new PCs have touch unfortunately no longer traditional PCI slots. Das ist echt der Hammer that there is no Firewire's turn. Has an experience with this PCMCIA readers? Dafür gibts ja retrofit Cards with Firewire. Is it compatible?


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