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Video Deluxe 2007 with motion paths, and Dolby 5.1 of rudi - 11 oct 2006 12:28:00
That VideoDeluxe now appear twice a year with a new version that is so widely known. More exciting, however, the question is what has changed from the previous version, or if it's worth the switch. According to an update report to the new 2007 version with 5.1-channel Dolby Digital sound, and bring many new design templates. In addition, the Media Center should have been next developed. The pros version also brings motion paths and the movement and power of image objects into the game. The 3D section for titles and other effects will also be expanded. In addition, you should be able to burn HD video to DVD. As always, the basic version will cost 69 euros, the extended version Pros 100.


Antwort von Hendricks:

Yes, deluxe Magix Video 2007 Pros has many new features.
For me, the software does not work correctly.
There always comes the message - can not find the device --
This means that the software does not recognize the audio driver.
Can only make films.
It is curious, though, if I have the included video recording, Picture and sound is there.
Have repeatedly contacted the support and a Syscheck made synonymous.
But nothing. Further requests were futile.
There is currently calm.
No answer is an answer synonymous.
So stay with the old program - Magix Video deLuxe Pros -.
The working properly.
Of the half-yearly updates of Magix, I do not think much.
The only cost money.
The improvements are slight.


Antwort von dobi:

Have since version 1.0 Magix Photos on CD & DVD ". With version 4.5 were then eliminated all the errors and limits the changes. Now, a new quality is created, because 5.1 is really very good. I have already bought many products that promised to 5.1, but none could reach the target been announced.
Unfortunately, errors creep into new products a somewhat take up the support they reported.
Currently I have a substantial e-mail traffic with Magix, but no meaningful information.
serious errors in the video 2007 Pros to me;
- If movies are translated into 5.1 must be waived on Hintergrundvideoton or background sound in the menu.
- The Inrtovideo runs in such a case, synonymous with no sound
- Reverse the cut-Aperture partial images when they encounter a zoomed picture

PS: The purchase still has something for me and placed with the I-Community, I will cast out the mistakes Magix.


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