Infoseite // Video capture with on CanonMiniDV-MV800 Calculator does not work ...

Frage von kangaroo:

I have tried several times, a film about Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere to be incorporated with the Calculator. The camera is s.einem Firewire port (via map s.Notebook connected), is synonymous recognized, so I can fast forward by Calculator etc.. The film, however, does not appear ium preview window - that is synonymous the problem during the recording, which is not corresponding works. When I stop, there is the error message in Windows MM not that Entered the film / errors. And I was to check whether camera, etc. are configured correctly ...!??
've Been through all help topics, and now can not remember next ... can someone help me?


Antwort von Nio:

There are other synonymous Programs, I'd try it with those views.
Or have you already tried it via USB? Since you need an extra Drivers and indeed it has, according to Mark = "> http://www / cgi-bin / yabb / YaBB.cgi? board = camcorders & action = display & num = 1118930406 & start = & SID = Runs Kammera on the anderren PC / Mac's



Antwort von coconut:



Antwort von Kangaroo:

Thank you for your tips - I'm going to try! :-)


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