Infoseite // Video footage capturing the disappeared? (HDV)

Frage von Gonzo:


had with Google and found nothing suitable here would like to ask why.

During our filming, we have every setting on security several times, reducing drop-outs are not to risk it. But the views I have seen a surprise. An attitude that we rotated around 4 times, it disappeared. There are only a few very small. M2t files, in which only a few completely crippled frames can be found. And with Take ALL!

Why? Do I have the whole thing again capture (ie, the borrowed camera and no way to just try out here).

FYI: It was HDV material of the Canon XH-A1 with Sony Vegas 7 captured.

Any help would be appreciated.



Antwort von Markus:

"Gonzo" wrote: There are only a few very small. M2t files, in which only a few completely crippled frames can be found.
Without further testing, it is difficult to say where the cause is. Could be a recording error as a playback error when capturing. Probably useine sudden, major pollution of the video heads (for example, a dirt particles on the tape recording), which are subsequently re-dissolved. This would make the error of limited duration, while before and then everything is in order.


Antwort von Gonzo:

As a complement, I can still say that while capturing the most frequently happened. In any case, regularly setting the midst of it all stop, followed of smaller files that are useless.

I'm probably not over, the whole thing again just to capture.



Antwort von tommyb:

Either HDVsplit to capture or times but the scene in Vegas separation deactivated.

The phenomenon can occur in poorly shielded Firewire cables.


Antwort von WeiZen:

On external disk via USB?
At 200% shielded cable is not curious, such as those where one of the clear plastic layer of the silver mesh network provides.


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