Infoseite // Which graphics card suitable for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (Mercury's Back)

Frage von matze22:


there are several possible unlock nvidia graphics cards for Premiere Pro CS5, provided that the min. have 1 GB of memory, Cuda support, etc.

Can anyone recommend a graphics card?
or someone has of you that experience?

I would not spend more than 80 EUR for a new graphics card and editing only SD material.
I would be happy to play color correction and keying so smoothly. Which graphics card would be suitable for this?


Antwort von Jörg:

For the price is tight, try a 9800 GT to get the scratches s.Cudakuchen at least something.


Antwort von matze22:

ok, so I do not necessarily synonymous now 10 levels above the other, that is SD with a simple color correction and NEN Chromakey or would meet me in real time on ...

I've heard shcon often that a GeForce GT 240 will work quite well ...
Can you confirm or someone else's?


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