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Frage von Tristesse:


I have a question for premiere 6.5. knows someone with like?
I have the program installed and I've already read this short tutorial, so I know how my desktop looks like. I already have some experience with the Windows Movie Maker, but I must say that this programm premiere 6.5 is much more complicated.

So specifically: - how can I get a clip. AVI import? it always means that this is a format is not supported, although in the short manual is. avi and. MPEG would be supported if DivX is installed. I have a DivX player, which means but it should go?

Until now it is up to the images I have not succeeded, a clip, which I already have on your PC to import.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance
Grüsse Tristesse


Antwort von Beatfabrikant:


So Avi files can improvise premiere 100 percent benefit. Simple File Import and then select your avi file. Knew not where there is the problem.


Antwort von beiti:

AVI is a container format, in which everything in it can be. Premiere 6.5 can read some AVIs and not others.

Where in this case because the AVI come from?


Antwort von Tristesse:

The AVI I have a little of Digi-cam on my PC. It was the beginning of this format. I have been synonymous AVI clip is clicked, but it just always does:

unsupported format ....

Well, times to be sure: file --- import --- I select an AVI file ---

... is it true or? and just after I've selected this file, this message that they can not be recognized because of the format. funny.

it is still something special note? do you have this program with good experiences?

liebe grüsse and many thanks


Antwort von daniela_:

presumably you have an avi in MJPEG format. To edit need to leave a MJPEG codec. Check with the programs after Gugel Gspot codec.
The result will not be intoxicating. Frame rate and resolution Distinguish clearly of DV avi.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Tristesse:

hm, so my path would be file already s.ende with. avi.
Is it still in MJPEG format?
I have now again geguckt fast and if I want to import it, then it is exactly:
Unable to open that file. S.unsupported uses file compression format.

Can that be so, now what you mean, guest?

Thanks for your answer.

PS: Graphics in other formats, I can improvise on the way, easily. Just when the movie does not work somehow. Now I have just tried a full movie (American History X) inserted. This is a. Avi file, but it is not.


Antwort von PowerMac:

Heaven! An AVI file is not an AVI file. Imagine so before. AVI File = family. The family may be all sorts of languages. Turkish, Russian, English, etc. You can say bad, I have a family, I understand why they do not? As long as you do not speak their language (= codec installed), you can do with the family does not communicate.


Antwort von Jörg:

"Tristesse" wrote:
Can that be so, now what you mean, guest?

why do not you just try the tips from?


Antwort von baristursun:

... or you install a program which read the data
and in an editable format can store!
vielleicht mal super converter test.
for such actions, I use sometimes synonymous
Deluxe video of Ulead.
gruß cj



Antwort von Gästle:

@ Tristesse

What is it for a digital camera (brand, model) and how you have the *. avi's on the PC market? (Connection?)


Antwort von hyneck:

had the same problem.
... I was so helpful:
Premiere mag only AVI Type 2nd (There are Type 1 & Type 2)
So if your AVI is Type 1 ......
If I AVI's of my digital camera in Premiere to import, I need to convert it first (before the times comes, when I turn the camcorder does not have on hand).
There are a free program of Ulead (I think) to download.


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Canopus's synonymous of a freeware converter Tpy1 <-> Tyo2

/ E


Antwort von dehre:


Did pretty much the corpse problem. Have a file de jmpeg I can not import. have already referred to codecs gegoogelt but only for windows and found I use mac. Maybe yes who can give me a link to send. would be really awesome. Thanks in advance


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