Infoseite // highest quality when exporting HDV material for Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0?

Frage von HDVer:

I try to reason Ausspielungsproblemen of my already edited HDV material to be exported, but only find probable highest setting: Quick Time, without compression, 1440x1080 pixel aspect ratio and anamorphic HD, is there any setting without anamorph and maybe even 1920x1080 pixels?
To zuerstgenannte format to be able to use, do I have QuickTime Pro to export again (HD 1920x1080), so it is not anamorphic, also go the colors and brightness values lost, one has an idea how I use the original HDV material so unchanged as possible in a film format get without it being stretched, compressed or color case?
Please help me!
Gruß Sebastian


Antwort von Wiro:

"HDVer" wrote: ... without anamorph and maybe even 1920x1080 pixels ... in a film format get one without it being stretched, compressed or color case?
Your wishes are all in the export menu.

File> Export> Movie
Uncompressed AVI file
Video> Frame size 1920x1080
Square pixels.

Gruss Wiro


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