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mehr keyframes in DivX Video

more keyframes into DivX video

Frage von FabC:
Juli 2006


I've used search but found nothing suitable. (Synonymous Maybe I'm looking for the wrong words, then I'm sorry tuts)

I have a DivX video (. Avi) that I want to cut. Only This dates known only s.den keyframes, but the scenes that I need are located between the keyframes. So I wanted to ask whether there is a way to insert key frames more easily. (Perhaps synonymous coding from scratch)
I know the video will be very high synonymous and that's why I wanted to ask if it would be synonymous possible to transform it back into a video with fewer keyframes to make it be smaller.

Or is there a much better method of cutting aßerhalb to keyframes?

Antwort von Gast 0815:

Basically to do that, but lose in any conversion quality. Write dochmal, with whom Prg (s) do you work and what the end result of your efforts will be (DVD, Divx / Xvid or?). How much quality is missing afterwards, you see only when there is your finished result, but often is not so dramatic ....

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von fukke:

For cutting, I wanted to use Virtual Dub. Ansonstne unfortunately I know not synonymous with what program can I convert. (ie more keyframes kick it)

On the circuit will simply be the beginning and end of the film separately. But as I said, they always start or end between 2 keyframes.

Antwort von Gast 0815:

Sorry, but I must ask again: what should be the end result, you want to make a video DVD, or revert to Divx Avi?

With VDub, I would do the following:
Divx download movie and cut away everything that you do not need and which is easily removed by trimming. The result of this step is, therefore, a smaller film that only a few frames contains redundant, meaning that first rough cut is simply less material by conversion to save time. Export Next step: safety's the sound as wave file: Menu-> File-> save wav (depending on the audio codec can give some problems, hereby submit the wier ago) and in Menu-> Audio -> souce audio and direct stream copy select ( We will hopefully get the Orginalton). Step 3 Menu> Video -> full processing mod switch,
And in Menu-> select the video compression codec, I would s.ehesten DV-AVI or Huffyu choose (but is synonymous with uncomressed, only the new file will be) very high, if you do not DV AVIcodec have installed, look Here: http://users.tpg.com.au/mtam/install_panvfwdv.htm.
Then film (under a new name), save it, beer, coffee or what ever is now synonymous announced, that it will be transcoded and that may take.
4. Step: Open new film, pay attention to audio problems, where our wave-file download (audio -> wave audio) and finished cut.
If you want to DVD, Menu-> Video -> direct streamcopy and select Save Movie, it further with DVD-Authoringprg; otherwise analogous to Step 3 and proceed desired codec (Xvid / Divx) to configure and then Save Movie.

So if you want to go but again Divx, encoding settings and want to know to maintain, or want to try it just once for luck, as yet there ne other way. Let's say, your Divx would be structured like this: Front scrap is the path that I call time, Part A, then comes the frame group with) scrap and desired percentage (B, followed by the desired component (C).
Procedure: You load the film, are cropping up all the way to B, as described as a DV Avi Avi (cut new name (store 1)) and again in Divx umrechnen.Dann original film back loading, only part of C per direct stream copy (new Name (2)) to save.
New Name (1) open and via file-> append avi segment new name (2) add per direct stream copy then save the finished movie ....

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von FabC:

So, now have your way with a little herumprobiert (the AV codec did not work, I tried a few others) and noticed that you can store cut the film directly (ie outside the keyframes) as a new DivX and is played correctly synonymous . Quality is synonymous still good. (probably is because the quality s.anfang synonymous was not 100% good)

Many thanks for the assistance would, of itself never got on it with (fiddle the codecs -:

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