Infoseite // own-AVI video is not read in DVD player

Frage von Gast:

Hello all together,

I have created with Windows Movie Maker video. I saved it as AVI. Now it can read my DVD player but not with other AVI videos but I have no problems.
Since it is my first selfmade video I beg your indulgence, and one synonymous for blonde understandable assistance :-)

LG Renate


Antwort von der_kleine_techniker:

Can your DVD player to play AVIs, which are encoded in DIVX (MPEG 4), if so, you have your own created with a DivX AVI also created encoder?


Antwort von mdb:

DVD players are in principle not have been made for it to play some AVIs. The DVD format is clearly defined, everything else is added, and either goes or it does not work. Since AVI is again no fixed format, but can include everything, you'd have only once to clarify what your players can play) ( and then create your AVIs, MPEGs, and was always synonymous.


Antwort von MiXMaster:

Mbd Hello, hello to the little-technicians, thank you, problem solved.

Thanks to "" I rausgefunden what my DVD player capable of playing, of AVI was not talking about, but of MPEG. Through the search I am on the program " came" that converts AVI to MPEG, and so I can look at my video now.

LG Renate


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