Infoseite // Video from the HD camcorder directly to DVD Burners possible without a PC?

Frage von Jabberwalky:


we want for our father now (even older) a new camcorder. Unfortunately, there is nothing with SD format and View Finder.

So far he has with the DV tape-work follows:

1, camcorder attached s.DVD Burners
2 videos s.Camcorders started and burned directly to DVD.
3, DVD completed and ready.

It's simple then. A BlueRay player, he will certainly not buy.

Does it synonymous with a modern high-definition camcorder? example of the Panasonic 700 series? or Sony550er or must be "scaled down" the signal be first. So PC in between?


Antwort von Jan:


yes that is no problem and synonymous Easy.

Panasonic has a range eg the BN. It has no screen, meaning you are the focal requirements before s.LCD of the camera. It can be burned (on data DVD AVCHD) Mini Blu Ray or a regular standard definition DVD. It is very easy and the burner is very small.

Sonyhat synonymous with direct burner screen burn, photos and synonymous Choice HD or SD DVD. Some models have an AV synonymous in for the good old 8, VHS-C, S-VHS-C and Hi8 cameras.

But watch out for Canon. The burner of an HD camcorder describes forever! an HD DVD and standard definition camcorder synonymous of a logically regular SD DVD.

From company to company but can be problems with the competitive model. I have seen for example with Panasonic to Canon devices must burners.



Antwort von Jabberwalky:

Hi Jan,

thanks for the quick response. But that means you would need a special burner of the trade mark.

My father has a DVD Burners, of which it can record from TV directly to DVD. Just because he does always been synonymous for the DVD's from the camcorder. Is that synonymous with modern camcorders? So without a special burner?


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