Infoseite // premiere pro ... wrong file length

Frage von tobser:

Hi, am new here in this forum and I hope you can help me.

I have an avi video with a length of 17min if I do, however, import it into premiere pro 7 supposedly (according to the display), only 3 minutes long ...

where the rest of the time, and how do I get them back is ???????

I thank you once had in advance


Antwort von prem:

solved ... have incorporated into avi 1, now in AVI 2 rewound "" and now works ... why always synonymous :-)


Antwort von Vogt-production:

what do you mean "umgespielt to avi 2"

1. And what do you mean
2. With what program did you do that?


Antwort von Vogt-production:

get one here answering synonymous again one?!


Antwort von StefanS:

Yes, once the question politely and kindly comes over, I throw my crystal ball s.and to write, as has solved my humble opinion the original poster, the problem

Always nice


Antwort von Stefan:

"Vogt-production" wrote: get one here answering synonymous again one?!

If you look at this more often not more dranstellt.

The thick Stefan


Antwort von dsuli:


I also have the problem with the Avis (though my files are recognized around the 11GB big and it will still only the first few minutes).

Bin ultrafroh, have found someone with some solutions, that is why my gigantic Please
Help me out of my mess and moves out with the solutions!

Thank you once already, and many greetings,


Antwort von VolkerS:

@ vogt-production: do not read the following text, please do not think, for you it is. When one is on its Page synonymous still offers important videos you should know sowas eh.

There are AVI files in type1 and type2. Some video editing programs like the one more likely, others prefer the other version. Premiere eg type 2
There are Programs that can make the conversion from one to the other type (now at hand, unfortunately, have none, but Google certainly knows all). So just look at the specification of the benzutzten cutting program, which version is used and in this same s.besten capture (for example, you can set Szenalyzer), or possibly convert.


Antwort von Vogt-production:

ie 1 I would like to know what it is unfriendly if no one answers simply and only through such a question we get aufmerksamkeit.
and 2 what to do with it that we show on our videos page? This forum is not intended that it receives information here that you just will not know?



Antwort von Demi:

@ vogt-production: I think, is about the tone (yes, synonymous typed language can have such a thing!). Always keep in mind that you here of voluntary nice people get the help for which you'd have to pay much money for hotlines. So be grateful and friendly and you will be helped! Or you wanted that one comes to your production company and asked: "Hey Age, mach mir mal nen film so immediately and so, man, how is not ready yet? Loslos!".

@ Volker: Thank you! Have tried with Ulead DV Converter (


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