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Frage von fred:

Hello. So here's my problem:

have several video clips of my vhs-c camera captured, and indeed with the pinnacle dvc 120th well known, this takes into mpeg2. If the clips I then analyze with bitrate viewer, I recognize that they are property "upper field first possess." then I cut it all together, a couple of transitions, background music, all with adobe premiere. Then I export the finished cut window with the main concept mpeg2 plugin as - guess what - mpeg2 film. In the settings I naturally give synonymous "upper field first to". So the beginning to the end of mpeg2 and upper field.

If I look at the film s.pc then everything looks great view, but on dvd burned and enters the famous "Field of fibrillation. And indeed, whenever a transition occurs, or a clip with an effect (eg, brightness change) has been established. only in such moments of jerky he, the rest looks great.

If I render the interlaced sequence turn around, then the opposite happened: everything trembles, but not with transitions and effects.

I found the problem in a lot of forums, read only no solution ...

ps: I use to burn dvd adobe after effects. Here I say "do not code" because the film already dvd-compliant ...


Antwort von GhostDog:

Well, since you need either the effects or the parts previously untreated rausrendern even reversed, with field order. As the with the included video editing software (I guess Pinnacle Studio) goes, I can not say unfortunately, because the program does not, unfortunately, I do not know well ...

But surely someone else here knows ...


Antwort von xracy:

tach fred

I guess your problem is the cause of the "upper half-frames. time trying to film with "lower half frames" re-captured.

gruss xracy


Antwort von improduktion:

resembling to have been a problem had. I then removed the lines have sprung ...
worked for me. But I cut with finalcut


Antwort von fred:

erstmal danke für die antworten.

So the problem is that I can not change during the capture halbbildreienfolge. dvc120 always captured with the "upper field" first. so much knows me, she does not synonymous with other capture programs.

What do you mean with "have sprung from the line"? you have your video also rendered as progressive? So without fields? If I do that just before the burn in adobe encore, he renders 2 hours long, the new video and I have the problem remains. 'm gonna go try to render the premiere to say "no fields".

But from a purely logical run that should then not believe their luck. means that it always gets a tv is interlaced??

achso, the 1st answer: you can not. as I said, it does not shake the whole clip, but only the first 1-2 seconds is displayed where. or just the moment by creating a effect is applied. if I do in this clip, the interlaced sequence change, then the whole clip trembles, not just the 1-2 seconds ... to explain complicated ...


Antwort von fred:

After two days and about 20 burned blanks problem solved:

one has to premiere on the window cut each clip with the right mouse button click, then click "field options ...", then tick the top option.

render the finished cut window anyway with "lower field first". now everything is running without trembling, the transitions and synonymous with efekt finished clips ...

phew ...


Antwort von Lotha_r:

Hello Slashcambesucher

since I have Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and a Matrox RT.X100 have, sits my deep frustration. Had a film from over 500 vacation photos to create and click on each Stillimage "distribute Successive frames to fields" so that occurred when using effects and transitions, no flicker. Hours of work and a lot of experimentation was needed.
I had hitherto never had a problem with Adobe Premiere and my old NLE editing cards, no preference whether analog or DV source material, but the Matrox bucks!
Have 'you ever tried to play my SonyVX-2000 of a movie with Movie Maker (Microsoft DV codec) into the PC. But on the control monitor, the Matrox WYSIWYG software provides only a shaky, halbblidvermurkstes movies dar.
During a short header in the AP again, I've added a few titles. Everything ran so lala. When I later changed s.einem title a trifle, this sequence on the control flickering TV monitor as well, and let himself through all kinds Halbbildeinstellungen no longer correct.
Matrox says dryly, that they stick with PAL s.den Blue Book standard, but never think about the fields of this standard.
'm Really desperate, I can not get the problem under control, especially slow-motion sequences (50%, 25% speed) are not synonymous longer what they used to be 'time. Someone gave me a good tip?



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