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Frage von lee_mubai:

Hello Professionals,

I have a calculator Aldi 'Medion Titanium MD 8080 X "with the graphics card" ATI Radeon 9800 XL, 128 MB DDR RAM and recently I have the program installed Pinnacle Studio 11.

Did a video with a DV Camera cpatured. The preview when capturing is very good, but if I want to cut the clips, the quality is very bad. There are a lot of stripes on the building, although I Aflösung Setting very high too.

Then I tried to render the clip, to maintain quality, then the quality is very bad synonymous (stripes on the Picture).

I've synonymous, the new version of DirectX 9:25 and ATI Catalyst Control Center on it with the hope that the quality is better, but it helps nothing.

Therefore I try here, maybe you're the professionals, a tip for a Beginner?



Antwort von thos-berlin:

Can you do that "looks bad" perhaps clarify something?

It is also because of the different Datsrellungsarten between the PC and video (progressive vs. Interlaced) frequently that video in the preview windows s.PC look bad. This manifests itself in kammartigen "disturbances" s.senkrechten lines caused by the progressive Datstellung (Fullscreen) recorded a half Marterials (interlaced) originate.


Antwort von lee_mubai:

Thank you first for your support.

Quote: Can you do that "looks bad" perhaps clarify something?
There are horizontal lines and small dots on the picture so that the people something on the skin would have. The picture is not entirely clear as to the capture.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I assume that you have the videos of the DV camera via Firewire cable (other names IEEE1394, i.Link) have captured. Here, the data of the 1:1 Camera Calculator transferred. Pinnacle Studio is synonymous not change if the characteristics of the project to DV-PAL "(exact name I do not know, because I do not have Pinnacle Studio) is. Then gerändert need not be. Everything remains the same Quallität and - as long as no effects are applied - the original material so used, as it is. Only when the effects will be rendered.

(If the project properties differently, the whole material umgerendert what synonymous takes his time ...)

Where / What did you Quallität on the "high" set? Are they just "show options" (it's OK, but not really necessary), or did you s.den Einstellugen of the project changed?

A PAL-DV - Video has always (!) Has the same resolution: 720 x 576 points, 25 frames / second. Changing these settings does not work, except Quallitätsverlust. (A small picture "big reckon" makes the picture not be better, but worse).

There is for me now have 3 approaches:

1) The material was not via firewire, but usb recorded (except for some Panasonic models, there is always Quallitätseinbußen) - Why some Camera Manufacturer her a USB cable and attach no Firewire, I am still a mystery. USB is good in most cases only for the Photo function ...

2) The characteristics of the project are wrong (negative) is set. Then times with PAL-DV sample.

3) The graphics card drivers and the graphics card does not fit. " Then another time card or other settings (lower resolution) to try.

Have you ever been a DVD directly aud Pinnacle Studio s.normalen Television burned and viewed? What is the picture from there?

When the Television the Picture is OK, then you have either with the poor Preview "live" or really any other card / other drivers to try.


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