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Frage von 200puls:

love community:)

I face the following problem:
If I render a project (win xp 64bit / / pinnacle 10 plus / / mpeg2, dvd compatible) appear distributed in the finished film strange coloring to flare up: colorful square pixelation here and there (on the whole picture ... )

I have tried as gegentest premiere pro with mpeg4: v1 showed extreme distortions (portrait of a person looks like a pulpy lump) and v2 was pretty onallerdings with several jerks ".

has anyone of you an idea?
it could even have to be a computer problem?

danke & gruß, puls


Antwort von wrunge:

Oh - and sorry: wrong forum: (


Antwort von Markus:

"About this forum" is certainly not the first group would look into the Pinnacle fans. ;-)

I have moved your thread.


Antwort von gammanagel:

Hello pulse,

Please write times ewas accurate, you've taken any basic material (DV?), the data rate have you set in the encoder?



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