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Frage von filmania:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just finished a short film and rotated through a Beachtek adapters included 2 different sources (boom mic and wireless lavs).

Unfortunately I can not find, as I said at the Recording in Adobe Premiere 6.0 (not Pro), now synonymous get 2 audio tracks. Normally that would be necessary to regulate, by recording when switching to mono. Unfortunately, this is in the settings is not possible.

Could this be because I work with Adobe Premiere and not with Adobe Premiere Pro?

Many thanks and best regards,


Antwort von dziga:

You get in the record do not have two separate mono, but a stereo track. your one mic is on the left channel and the other on the right.

unlike programs is per adobe premiere 6.0 for the import into the timeline is not the left channel than the right s.and as s.angezeigt, but both channels together form an audio track.

it may well be that the audio mixer on the left and right are not separated levels, which would be sad.


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