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Präsentation filmen u. Audioaufnahme

Presentation film and audio recording

Frage von Axel_1972:
März 2007

in our working group will shortly have a guest of an approximately 1.5-hour presentation will be. Now we wanted to film the presentation and later processed (cut, compressed, etc.) online. Consent of the presenter, etc. everything is already settled.
We are 2 MiniDV camcorder available (1x 3CCD, 1x 1CCD), as well as the matching Tripods.
Now I see 2 problems yet to send me:
s.Das Tonproblem: The speaker speaks at a distance of approximately 10m (of camera), I guess that the speech intelligibility and sound quality is not very 'heady' will ;-) How can you solve the s.besten? I know not yet whether he tool to strengthen the voice gets (Micro and Area-PA ..). The room is a lecture hall.
b) yes MiniDV distinguished from normal time only to 1h, in between, it would then give a jump (tape change) - how do you that? I would now say, in the time of the band shift, I cut the other purely Camera (then synonymous deferred record ~ 5min)?
Do you have other tips for me, what should I look?

For useful information, I would like ever now! AXEL

Antwort von tv-man_sh:

Sound to me to fall spontaneously since two possibilities On:
1. Microphone to the lectern, so there is one and the Speaker during his lecture on "walkabout" moves.
2. The speakers wireless inconspicuous miss (for the stage area is synonymous of "Bayer dynamics" cheap things that you can rent).
3. Sound s.der house plant "tap" if it is because there is such a thing.
Probably the "cleanest" solution would be with the speakers agreed that it 50/55 minutes a small 30-second break, so that the tape may be changed. For him, this is a complete copy of the material for themselves receive. Probably it will be understood.
The 3CCD then take you as a "Main Camera", the 1CCD as-shot camera for editing images.
Otherwise, the sound from the speakers (whether via radio link or via Kabelmik.) To a small audio mixer with 2 outputs and one set s.einen Cam output. The sound with cable, you should not share unbeding make, because there probably synonymous few meters transmission come together.

Antwort von Markus:

"Axel_1972" wrote:
s.Das Tonproblem: The speaker speaks at a distance of approximately 10m (of the Camera) ...

Samples with different microphones, you will find here:
Distance of the camera to the lectern was about 6 meters

Antwort von Axel_1972:

Thanks for the replies so far. The Samples were synonymous clear. Now missing only one example that with such a Ansteckmikro was. Because at the moment I tend to this solution. It is very likely that the officer actually goes walkabout to more important points of his presentation emphasized.

Are there any of your recommendations for contagious synonymous Micro-systems (with exact model number). ?

Thank you very much! AXEL

Antwort von Markus:

"Axel_1972" wrote:
Now missing only one example that with such a Ansteckmikro was.

That does not sound much different than the Microphone s.Pult front.

"Axel_1972" wrote:
It is very likely that the officer actually goes walkabout to more important points of his presentation emphasized.

In this case a radio link is required. Do you need an inexpensive and quick Tonaussetzer (which may occur, but do not have) are verschmerzbar, then it is sufficient a simple transmitter-receiver set.

Does the recording higher standards (no Tonaussetzer) and the price plays a more untergeordete role, then diversity should be a radio link (s.700 ¬ to get) can be used.

Antwort von Axel_1972:

I now have my 'old' wireless rausgekramt plant and found that I use these for my purposes, extend it!
I have the

Antwort von Markus:

"Axel_1972" wrote:
Now, could I use the system with the pocket transmitter UT1 expand and then to the right Lavalier Microphone, but this has to go, right?

I think so. If the sender to the receiver and adjusts the microphone to port, is everything geritzt.

"Axel_1972" wrote:
Ball, Super kidney and kidney ...

I would with an omnidirectional take. Then vary the volume is not as strong, if the speakers at times to talk head spins.

Antwort von Christoph29:

Thanks to you Mark!
Many greetings of AXEL

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