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Frage von rossi256:

Hi folks,

Must make an NTSC DVD - have basic material in 1280x720 25fps, and must now somehow to NTSC 29,976 fps 720x480
Have the latest Virtualdub with convert "frame rate" is used, while one resize filter and a 'level filter wg. fitted to the higher gamma value for NTSC (; is the correct way?).

Does the final material has yet to burn to DVD and watch - s.PC's looks good so far ...
Jetz have me say that the various forum posts Virtualdub unsuitable for frame rate conversion is uncertain ... has changed with the current versions? - Do not think that Virtualdub zwischenframes interpolated in the conversion, this process is probably just too fast ... What would be the highest quality that is synonymous still reasonably fast ...
150 clips which have as soon as possible and must be quickly converted ...

Many thanks in advance


Antwort von tommyb:

The "convert fps" option in VirtualDub quite simply insert in between. These intermediate images are (no more than two frames together blinded; the front and the after).

VD is indeed not perfect for such work - would be better suited as Avisynth, because it is far better to frame conversion plug-ins, such as those of the missing frames by interpolating motion vector.

Avisynth is only tool to write scripts. Encoding must be supported all still in VirtualDub or other programs, the Avisynth.

As a quick and dirty version should be adequate VirtualDub.


Antwort von rossi256:

Thanks for the quick response --
Quick and dirty, I do not really ...
MotionPerfect've just tried - it's very easy to use - but is already very old - gibts da interpolated what Akutelles the zwischenbilder synonymous?
Avisynth - gibts then to tinker not some frontends to a command line? - Besides, I have ne need batch processing of files for 150 ..
would then convert to ev with such a program at 1280x720 29,976 frames and then resize draufmachen via VDub filters and levels - and then by mpegencoden Procoder ...


Antwort von tommyb:

In Avisynth is just around the "scripts".

If you want to use a faster and easier-to-use method, then you have to pay to access programs - can I call you but no.

Vector calculation is synonymous, incidentally another matter. One can calculate synonymous wonderful 100 frames from 25 - but only if the material is nearly perfect. For motion blur, it can lead to artifacts which one notices when you play, not so - but it did feel in still images as terrible.

Another nice feature would be the detour to 24p. 'd Have to make While this would have the disadvantage that your material will exceed the total length and Du sg TELECINE. Here are the 24 (; actually 23.976) frames to the nested stored s.end 29.970 frames that come out - which in turn can be transformed without loss back to 23.970. The whole is called the pull synonymous.

The only drawback: the sound has to be adjusted. Big advantage: You hardly lose quality.

Of course you can take only synonymous 24p. That is not quite compatible with the Americans as 29.970, but still completely Progressive (; 29.970 via 2:3 pulldown is interlaced!)

A script for Avisynth 23.976 p looks like this:

[code: 1:04 ab4f044d] AviSource (; "file1.avi")
ConvertToYV12 (;)

AssumeFPS (; 23,976)
Time Stretch (; tempo = (, 100 * 23.976/25))
[/ code: 1:04 ab4f044d]

A 2:3 Pull down, 25p -> 23.976 p - i 29.970
[code: 1:04 ab4f044d]
AviSource (; "file1.avi")
ConvertToYV12 (;)

AssumeFPS (; 23,976)
Time Stretch (; tempo = (, 100 * 23.976/25))

SelectEvery (, 2,0,0,0,1,1)
SeparateFields (;)
SelectEvery (, 4,1,2)
Weave (;)
[/ code: 1:04 ab4f044d]

The result is in both cases very good.


Antwort von rossi256:

Wow - thank you - because I probably still need to capture the next to be fully understood.

So I would be synonymous 24p occurred - what that means is not quite as compliant with the Americans and 29.97? does it do then to non-players?

I would have 1280x720 25p footage as a starting point ... (and if the quali would not at 25p with the source material I could possibly be OK even draw material on 50p, but surely it costs me more than ne week period just to render the material on 50p have been) ...
--- It (; progressively from the 25p footage) 29.976 NTSC-making material is, therefore, with great loss of quality linked?


Antwort von tommyb:

There is just the 2.5 possibilities of how to go PAL to NTSC.

I write the numbers do not fully out, but soon it appropriately from (; eg 29.970> 30i)

25p -> 24p
Is a quasi-PAL-Speed Down (; opposite of PAL speedup) and is common at shooting. The result is the best possible quality - but the material is longer and the sound (has to be stretched; tones are deeper - but is hardly on). That can not possibly run on a few NTSC DVD players.

25p -> 24p -> 30i
Is nothing but 25> 24, but a somewhat komptabilerer stream. The quality is suffering because of the interlacing also a little bit.

25p -> 30p
No interlacing - but dependent (blurred images by the algorithm, only the newly computed) and slight jerking possible. The most common method is to make a conversion.

If your source material anyway 25p, then you use is the same on the extrapolated 50p not too much. It will then be shown just two identical images.

With Avisynth would simply by the way, "changefps (; 50) to go."


Antwort von rossi256:

ok so am currently at 25p -> 30p I've made with Virtualdub.
it's just so much video material that everything takes forever and so much time might not be.

I am testing the times with the Avisynth method with the script that you have written above and compare with what I have now by 25p-> 30p.

What would be probably better suited for such conversion ne (; 1280x720 25p at 720x480 29,976) - Virtualdub or Procoder? Virtualdub of previously used to convert HD to SD as it apparently gives the best results when downscalen ...

with 50p material, I thought I could go out of true 50p material (, filmed in 720 50p ... as I said I would make on the basis of animations, etc. in AE but were probably cost more than pure computing time weekly ne ... Thus it would be the last chance that I would like to use) ...

Where I would be interested would look like then the best option to convert of 720 50p genuine material on 29,976 NTSC material ...??


Antwort von tommyb:

720p50 one should be preferred to convert to 720p60. The 10 frames can then be quietly dazzling, which usually sees one. not.

A konverto of 720p50 on a 720p30 is synonymous theoretically possible, but results in VirtualDub conventional methods in a rather vague (; motion blur) images.


Antwort von rossi256:

Hi TommyB,

Have seen that in Virtualdub to convert probably just a frame duplicate frame rate - so approximately every 4th and 5 frame are just the same ... think that is probably the worst type of conversion is not it?

Another problem I have, I think - if I am going through 25p -> 24p-> 30i go and changes the sound, they would harmonize all subtitles with the sound no more - and since I have 6 audio tracks at 150 clips will not do , sync it again to ...

Quite've seen into ichs yet ...

- Changes the sound of 25p if I'm not going to 30p? or do I have to convert the synonymous "easy"?

- What would be a script for Avisynth order of 25p to 30p to convert? what are you'd possibly be in stock?

- I've already tried to convert with the AviSynth Batch Scripter all my files in one go on - but so far I fail because I have to run this generated script - When I try to load that goes with Virtualdub to not because of an after videofile the other would invite ...- which is introduced because then these batch scripts from?

Many thanks!



Antwort von rossi256:

Would it be possible s.einfachsten DGPulldown use?

--- Has anyone any idea how compatible DVD brought by DGPulldown of PAL 25fps progressive progressively to 29.976 NTSC is s.end? - It is a DVD production, ...


Antwort von tommyb:

Quote: Have seen that in Virtualdub to convert probably just a frame duplicate frame rate - so approximately every 4th and 5 frame are just the same ... think that is probably the worst type of conversion is not it?
Yes, it is not optimal. This leads to small jerkiness during playback. At 30 frames, this would be noticed even more.

Quote: Another problem I have, I think - if I am going through 25p -> 24p-> 30i go and changes the sound, then all subtitles would not harmonize with the sound
Aha - that I did not know. The subtitles are controlled by the "Time Code" - ie, they depend on the time and this will be changed at 25> 24> 30 yes.

In this case, you have to take the road 25> 30th

Quote: changes the sound of 25p if I'm not going to 30p? or do I have to convert the synonymous "easy"?
No, the sound does not change. Are inserted just 5 more photos reach around 30 images. In turn, these 30 images are displayed but shorter. At 25p each picture is displayed exactly 40ms long - at 30p 33.3 ms long.

The sound is not changed.

Quote: What would become of a script for Avisynth to convert to 30p to 25p? what are you'd possibly be in stock?


[code: 1:6 e6e5092eb] AviSource (; "datei.avi")
ConvertToYV12 (;)

convertfps (; 29.97) [/ code: 1:6 e6e5092eb]

While there are more perfect plugins, the analysis a little more - but the difference in quality before you notice only for still images. With this script, the 5 frames are needed, incidentally added by "blending".

Quote: which one takes for then these batch scripts from?
What is the final format? MPEG2? The Cinema Craft Encoder for example, has a batch function - you can easily reinwerfen all AVS files.

Quote: Would it be possible s.einfachsten DGPulldown use?
In principle, yes - the operation of the tool, but I am not entirely clear. It would be bad if the stream is modified (; patched). It would probably come out a not entirely compatible stream.

Better is always the encoding of the transformed material with NTSC settings.


Antwort von rossi256:


The final format is Mpeg2 - have so far (all herumkonvertiert in CanopusHQ; of HD to SD) and then converted to mpeg by Procoder ...

Will try the Cinema Craft Encoder ... Thanks for the tip!

As I understand it, makes the tool the same as if one of 24p to 30p is just that it starts of 25p material ... it changes the flags in the mpeg-stream, so that the player calculates the zwischenframes play during ... if I've understood correctly ...

That would be super easy and seems to be the synonymous works for most NTSC players - but I do not know whether to stop all ...
Here, the tool -
Get me there but is not drübertrauen well - because if it does not work with end customers it is very annoying ...


Antwort von tommyb:

So it looks like.


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