Infoseite // Canon XH-A1 Model NTSC - PAL umnormen on!

Frage von HitschlerGummi:

A friend sold me one of very little use XH-A1, but the NTSC model for just under ¬ 2300.

He said it was no problem this camera umzunormen to PAL.

My question is like this, is it even possible, it makes sense and what does this mean?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Canon officially offers through its service centers the opportunity to extend a PAL or NTSC XH-A1, so that it then is between 50Hz and 60Hz switchable. Costs should the upgrade to the 400 ¬.
It also seems to be possible - if I remember correctly, Zizi had here in the forum reported it - to have to rebuild the Camera of plain NTSC to PAL-only, which probably beats with around 150 euros. The best time for Canon to ask Germany what it's like to date them.


Antwort von Frank B.:

I do it now so when "seen friends," "no problem" in something that I ask her the appropriate but to do that for me. I would rather pay a certain charge and then get what I want.



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