Infoseite // Differences NTSC <=> PAL in daily use?

Frage von NilsG:

Hello together ...

I once ne question about NTSC and PAL ...
About the differences so you'll find a lot in the network; usbei

But what does this mean in everyday life??

If I have a camcorder that records in NTSC, I can use this material but nevertheless without problems in Germany further process /, or?




Antwort von Darthharry:

If you think cutting is then further processed with no problems. You have to be careful that you Subcategories in your editing program, an NTSC project. Even the result can be viewed on any computer normally.

Once you anything but professional working, especially for distribution on television, you should keep its hands of NTSC. But can the most modern camcorders today NTSC and PAL.


Antwort von RickyMartini:

NTSC, I would make clear the finger! Color quality and resolution are significantly lower than PAL-level! This is one of the main reasons why the NTSC world, mostly switching to HD.


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