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Frage von MiXMaster:


I have searched now n an hour, but the keywords are simply too general, so I would have to read thousands of threads to find the answer.
Therefore, in this case the question that probably a million copies already made ... Sorry:

Can I material, which with a camera (in my case SonyPD 150 and SonyHVR V1E) was filmed with another camera (Panasonic NV-GS400 my case) capture in?
(It is not HDV footage ... all I know at this stage not ...)

Thanks already times,




Antwort von prime:

If the PD150 in DVCAM mode ran, I fear, the GS400 does not make it (but may be wrong), the same applies to the V1.


Antwort von FrankFaster:

Apart of the PD 150, I unfortunately do not know the other cameras. Basically, you can always tell if the camera can record the format, they can play it synonymous, meaning that you then synonymous with the camera can capture the format.

Gruss Frank


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