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Adobe Premiere Pro Tip 10: Navigation with the keyboard of slashCAM - 14 Jul 2005 16:14:00
> Of course, loads the graphical interface of Windows XP actually a to each function call a program with the mouse. But who wants to cut effectively with Premiere Pro, should be more closely involved with the keyboard layout ...


Antwort von loehni:

Thanks for the tip with the "Shift" and JKL.

I like to Work with the keyboard (as Vegas Video users are accustomed to it)
In Vegas, however, be implemented by the Tats synonymous direct actions. Expressed in Vegas for example, "S" is the video s.der point cut directly. In Premiere for cutting even the "C" provided - but you change so that only a razor - the cut is necessary to ultimately make it with the mouse - this is circumstantial, and also the cut is not exactly so s.der place where I met him wants.
So I'm working with JKL - and wants s.der place where I stop a section with "c" make - is that irrgendwie directly and without the grip on the mouse?


Antwort von Rudi(X):

Good question ...

I've searched everything, but a key combination for the direct cut, I have not found. 'm Going to jump in time annölen at Adobe ...



Antwort von rush:

So I cut öhem auf'm avid-keyboard layout in the premiere ...

And since you can then print with the "b" cut straight to the timeline .. with "v" splice in. .. So dne rest move to the back ....


Antwort von -Dallas-:


is at Adobe:
"" <komma> Is a cut ind the timeline (overwrite)
"." <point> a Insertschnitt (splice, insert)

MFG, Robert


Antwort von mieps:

Cutting s.der current timeline position = Ctrl + K


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