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welche Grafikkarte für Premiere pro

which graphics card for premiere pro

Frage von snakenic:
März 2006


I'm in the process of assembling my new editing system. Actually, everything is clear, not only in the graphics card.

1.) When I've worked with my old system board) (graphic took up was always ready to render with it. I shall take s.das I change with a good graphics card?

2) I have here already properly searched but not found a suitable recommendation. I'm currently still Pro 1.5 synonymous currently not want to upgrade to 2.0 but I've been there once acquainted with changing times, if I do. If I have seen there are price differences between 150 and 1000 Euronen for the various graphics cards. What is one to take. On the system will only geschnitten.No with 3D games or so, nothing.

3.) which depends on the speed s.einer graphics card? From its RAM with surely. Some graphics cards have the Adobe Page of 256 MB of RAM. Is not it better with today's RAM upgrade prices equal to 512 or even better, with 1GB? Does that make sense??

Thanks s.alle to answer me.

Antwort von Lawrence:

similar issues, I always get the same answer: For DV editing need not be a good graphics card!
I have therefore passively cooled GeForce 6600 for a decision. Supposedly intended to help even the processor for video encoding and have bildverbessernde skills, but I already submitted a GraKa with VGA and DVI, as well as fan-cooled (because if the graphics card does not function is calculated, they are not synonymous) great warm.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


erstmal so you can upgrade a graphics card into RAM does not. On your motherboard you can usually put DDR-Ram, which you can upgrade in graphics cards is the RAM, but the number given!

So for a good PC that need fast rendering, you obviously not only a good graphics card, or even better two bridged PCI Express graphics cards.
You need a fast CPU, better, of course, a dual-core or two CPUs.
In addition, you need a big Zwscihenspeicher (as above written on the board!), 1Gb or more!
In addition, a fast hard drive, S-ATA with 10,000 revolutions or a fast IDE disk. (possibly synonymous in the raid composite, depending on how secure you want to work, or how much money you are available) have
And of course, a good motherboard that supports everything that
The speed of a graphics card depends from many things. How exactly I can not tell you this, any more than I can tell you why 10 years ago, the CPUs were not as fast as today, and which depends on the speed of CPUs!

I would take, but ALWAYS an ATI Radeon graphics card for DV editing. The GeForce cards are synonymous, although quite good, but mostly designed for games. For example, Unreal has a GeForce extra support.
For PC gamers, I would rather take a GeForce graphics card. (which is not to say that the Radeon graphics cards are significantly worse in games than GeForce graphics cards!)

But once you want to connect 2 monitors and / or 1 TV, or details in Resolutiono.s.einstellen want, you get on GeForce major problems. Since Radeon is clearly recommended!

In principle, there are only two ver graphics cards:
The GeForce and the Radeon.
But there are "thousands" Manufacturers like MSI, Asus, ATI, N Vidia, etc.
N-Vidia, I can recommend for Geforce Grafikkfarten, for ATI Radeon graphics cards!

A graphics card might be a good start, but let's DV editing, or not easily do in nearly real time!
To cut perfectly in real time, you obviously need a video card like Matrox RTX.100. I want you but do not expect price;)

Many dear greetings

Antwort von AndyZZ:

A normal IDE hard drive with enough 7200 RPM out completely.
I have a Geforce 6600GT 128 MB and can thus easily accommodate two completely synonymous controlling TFTs and extend my video space on both monitor. Had a previous GeFore Ti4200 64MB, but my PC is faster when rendering still not grown. That's mainly the CPU and the memory.

Antwort von Lawrence:

Aloah Blackeagle123,
what a beating about the bush! ;) He asks for a graphics card and what you write of motherboard, hard drive etc,).
I must say, that the graphics cards do not always have a predetermined number of RAM. For the GeForce 7300 can still abknöpfen additional RAM from the system. And SLI for DV editing my opinion, is pointless. What is one with two graphics cards with the DV editing?
Whether Ati or Nvidia, that is a matter of faith, war. First I wanted to take an Ati synonymous, but as I only passively cooled nvida cards have seen in the shop, I've decided to stop for the latter.

@ snakenic
As configured for your old system? (Processor, RAM, hard drive)

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


"And SLI for DV editing my opinion, is meaningless. What is one with two graphics cards with the DV editing?

In my opinion, synonymous: ... that was misunderstood ...
So for a good PC that need fast rendering, you obviously not only a good graphics card, or even better two bridged PCI Express graphics cards. So he does not need both:)
Bit stupid words, I know! :-p

And since he has written that he is a new video would like to build PC, I have something umschweift ...

Love Greetings

Antwort von wolfgang:

What is here now gefließentlich overlooked is the fact that Adobe recommends quite specific graphics cards - at least for AP Pro 2, and at least for the HDV editing.

Is evidently connected with the fact that a part of the calculation of the preview has been moved into the card.

So if you want to use the system for HDV editing with AP Pro 2, then I would look at these pages here very closely. Would be a shame if the brand-new cutting-PC will not only be sufficient:

www.adobe.com/.../premiere/ ...


Antwort von Lawrence:

Aloah Wolfgang,
you are right that it - to exploit synonymous beneficial to all - of adobe certified hardware should be used, the following graphics cards (you as the whole layout with a link to ruin: P).
But I must say me, is my graphics card, my camcorder, my sound card and what I know not all, not with lists. Also refer to the information, unfortunately, only the Pro versions that there are 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0. In older versions (eg Premiere 6.0 standard ladder is nothing to write). But still works for me just fine. (so much for my mustard ^ ^)
Snakenic but would continue to stay with his version (Pro 1.5) and there have now been done once (unfortunately) no information about GraKa's.

Antwort von wolfgang:

Well, the layout I was never particularly important - more important is content of the content.

It's just always the question of what one wants to do with such an editing system. And if even the HDV to be cut - which perhaps would be a major reason for many to move on to AP Pro2 - wenns and a new cut-PC, then one should perhaps not skimp s.der hardware. Become obsolete before then of doing the thing alone!

Sure, if you know that you never want to edit HDV, then enough synonymous less. Ist halt the question of what you want (as so often in life).

Antwort von oli-wehr:

written in the round,

synonymous new graphics card will I need, I test's successes to Premiere2.0
intensive in terms how far the power of moderen adobe graphics cards
finally uses. The fact is premiere2.0 she actually uses, but not over
the standard interface (directX)-but somehow internal jump.
Exploit as I continue on my AGP board synonymous videoschnitt wants to run
I slowly out of time to find the right one.
Intressant were to test the performance of the Ct. Unfortunately, there is the
Difficulty of optimal GPU has only been touched upon.
effects need to stop temporarily, but jerk during the preview is
more than annoying.
achso: pentium3.2 GHz, 1Gb Corsair ram,
disappointment of Matrox;

Antwort von steveb:

there is a graphics feature that can not be underestimated and can not be overvalued, namely the multi-monitoring. For me, now indispensable, is my Matrox Parhelia. The triple can "Head" means three monitors simultaneously controlling and extending the desktop across all monitors. This option is extremely helpful, as it is now all important tools and functions of the Programs ever seen. Who schonmal Resolutiongesehen a timeline on a 3840x1024er what I'm talking white. This "feature" is, moreover, not only through editing help ....

Antwort von mensch-production:

Hi All,

I've searched forever synonymous for a graphics card for Premiere Pro 2.0 and HD editing.
All the beautiful graphics and other species such as the Matrox me but they were too expensive.

Then I thought I'd buy me precisely a ATIx1900 or an Nvidia 7900 and even s.SLI I thought.

But during my search I saw that ATI is probably not the right thing, because these cards are rarely recommended for DV editing.
And Adobe is synonymous with more listed as an ATI AGP card.

Then I got with a technician of spoken PNY and he told me that the whole game cards are not synonymous, the Nvidia 7900 for CAD and graphics processing are appropriate. And I would I would rather buy an NVidia Quatro Graphic card. Because these are exactly suitable for my DV editing application.

I then decided for the Best Quatro, the Quatro FX540 graphics card of PNY. Which has a DVI and a VGA breakout box for an External HD. The whole for about 350, - ¬

I have the card and can do anything so what I want.

I can:
1 Screen with VGA resolution and a dual s.den the second screen with a VGA adapter DVI anschliesen (my monitors have only VGA connection).

And I can now synonymous my 19 "LCD to use as a cutting room and take over the HD breakout box the 26" LCD TV as an HD preview monitor. This is wirglich class.

To test I've synonymous times a 24 "TFT with 1920 * 1200 Resolutiondrangehänkt. This is the ultimate!
For PAL and cut so I can watch simultaneously on a screen 100% PAL preview. All past on a monitor. And HDV is synonymous to the same monitor in full screen mode.
Then cut makes wirglich fun.

As a calculator, I have a dual core with 2 GB of RAM.

Maybe this helps you graphics cards looking :-)


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