Infoseite // Problems importing of the hard drive to Premiere Pro 2.0

Frage von Sumisu6:

Absolute Beginners'm what video editing is concerned.
When I play video files of my external hard drive into the editing program to import, the error message "File format is not supported." (The video file is a MOD file). Do I have any preferences, or you can change the format into another convert?

Can anyone give a hint?


Antwort von Markus:

The MOD suffix implies a hard drive camcorder close. Their recordings sometimes afford considerable resistance in the post. : - /

If Premiere Pro MOD files generally support? War with the camcorder is not a program, with which the MOD files to cut something (he) can convert it?


Antwort von pingu2k:

Had already practically premiere when the MOD files in principle would support ...
The cutting program of Panasonic (ImageMixer3), in which the camera was converted into MPEG2 files. However, I have the MOD files already on the external hard drive, which I can not import synonymous. Can the MOD still convert files afterwards? And if so, how? As I said, I'm beginning ... ;)


Antwort von 02VideoFaBI.:

So I think it is synonymous pity that the MOD files are not funzen .....

BUT: Either you identify them in order to mpg or mpeg, it may be that they work (for me it's not) then there are still a plug of MainConcept MPEG files (synonymous with me that has not helped)

OR but you just use Vegas (7) and have no problems with MOD!


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