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Audio bei einer überblendung mit Premiere CS4

Audio at a premiere with glare on CS4

Frage von flex78:
Januar 2009


I am a newbie and Premiere CS4 have a few questions, unfortunately, did nothing about the search found:

1. If I have two stereo clips and dan have a dazzle so I will make the sound synonymous with a crossfade superimposed on if I did with my clip of a SonyCam work where the sound is recorded in 5.1. If only the image and superimposed on the audio's a tough cut. can you tell me how I as a synonymous Crossfade bring? PS: the project settings are set to stereo.

2. If I get a glare on doing so because you have to always clip with the previous overlap, which I find very difficult. I am accustomed to other programs of the car followed the clip as long as the last stop on dazzle. Can not adjust the that makes auto premiere synonymous?

I hope you have understood what I mean .. :-)
Thanks for the answers!


Antwort von Debonnaire:

1. Premiere superimposed on either audio clips in stereo or in 5.1, just because you have the associated superimposed on video you have! You must in any case the picture and the sound separately fade. This hast thou in the video transitions to "fade" and the audio transitions also "fade". Thou reward sound in principle the same as just video, it works.

2. If you überblendest clips, you can either do it by playing on different tracks überlappst. Then you have the upper clip always move when you adjust crossfade length. If you have the clips on the same track but Place in side and in each other, then it is the crossfade length in their properties to adapt. Done!

Antwort von flex78:

1. Achso that I did not ... Booyah!

2. But if I have one clip on the same track in the other slide is shorter, you can not eistellen he slide into each other at the same standard glare on it?

Thank you for the quick response!

Antwort von Debonnaire:

2. In the program settings on the tab "General", you can for the first time Standard - video - and - audio transitions to adjust durations. Then you go in the effects for video and audio on transitions and choose those which transitions the standard should be. From the factory are in video and audio already classic crossfades set. If you want to change this, then you make a right click on the desired transition and select "Set as default transitional Select". If you now have two clips on the same track together pushed searched, click on the video track header, sets the CTI to Edit and press [ctrl] + D, where the standard - Video Transfer will be inserted. The same approach for audio, but with [ctrl] + [shift] + D. Get in the online help times even clever relating to "standard transition".

Antwort von flex78:

many thanks for the detailed reply, but I already knew that ;-)

My question was not whether you can set it on auto dazzle inserts this when I move the clips ineindander, many other programs are not for professionals are made. but in the case is probably not ... well you can not have everything ;-)

Thanks again, gruess

Antwort von Debonnaire:

No, about heaven's sake, just not do it! Who at each "cut" by Standard crossfades inserted wants, but the outet itself after 5 seconds as the saddest movie amateur novice filmmaker zero clue!

Look at times s.wie cinematographic or an expensive television production cut is: Because there are primarily the hard times cut. Quite rare and very specific statements in the course of history to make it synonymous then the crossfade times or, more rarely, the Auf-/Abblende of / to black (or noooch rare, white) indicate. That's mainly it! Everything else is nonsense nursery and out, very good reason, not / allerkäumlichstens used!

So when a editing program just basically a crossfade (or worse, depending on what you set as the default transition eingstellt searched) insert would then need the most (serious) film more often than not this transition back to manual delete. Then maybe the rare non-rigid transition manual cutting insert go because wenns mal fit SHOULD!

Antwort von flex78:

So there you have me now completely misunderstood my goodness that is such a novice, I am not synonymous, each time I cut a dazzle make :-))))

it is only the standart fade when I insert the clips "INTERRELATION move" and not when I "joined together move" that is a different ...

Antwort von Debonnaire:

Smile ... yes, I almost thought of me. I am simply not so. I work (still in the traditional way) so that I always synonymous different clips on different tracks lege. I NEVER move into each other, because the clips in PP will no longer clean pulling it! If the stimulus in question have not the physical ends of the clip were always sticky PP remains tuned and extended the clip, so no (apparently of the unwanted program) holes are what I find annoying! And happy to keep full control over everything, so everything remains synonymous on separate tracks!

But to your approach: That one after briefly pushing intertwining [ctrl] + D must press is almost unerwähnensnotwendig of small expense, I find! Furthermore, not every interlocking means pushing synonymous auto, that a fade instead of a hard to cut. You can then clip ineinandergeschobenen at the Editpunkt roll and so the exact position of the hard cut comfortably move!

Antwort von flex78:

yes is synonymous variant, but with the separate tracks, I will not both clips in the effects settings, right?

I also have the problem when my tastenkomb. for the audio do not go "CNTRL + shift + d" no idea why, in the preset, llungen this combination is synonymous defined?


Antwort von Debonnaire:

You see exactly the effect settings of the clip, you are in the timeline item searched. No matter what track he is.

Yes, this experience, I have already made synonymous and synonymous not know what lies. Perhaps it has something with the keyboard layout "German" to do. The program originally come from English and other language are "only" adaptations. As may already holding something between fall down in the localization!

I work, as I said, eh never with such standards and therefore not particularly bother me!

Antwort von Wiro:

"flex78" wrote:
... do not go "CNTRL + shift + d" no idea why, in the preset, llungen this combination is synonymous defined?

yes, she is there by default defined.
I am afraid you have to cover yourself with the functions of first times in a peaceful place minutes apart and just play around. You'll be amazed. There is left of the Aperture cut to the right of the intersection, across the intersection, panels on multiple tracks simultaneously (in the track header is set), etc.

Just two events stick together and expect that the clips at the Auto Hide. after back - that does not. For good reason, the mglw. not immediately clear if one only works in a track.

Greeting Wiro

Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Wiro" wrote:
(...) Visors on multiple tracks simultaneously (in the track header is set)

The I did not. How does it work and what exactly does it work?

Antwort von Wiro:

Simplest example: At the end of the movie lies a mountain track, which together will be dimmed. CTI to the end, CTRL + D hides from all the track heads are marked. If only one of them continue to run, the disabled, then all these other non-hidden. Etc..

Another example: In lane 2 and 3 are PIPs, lane 4, title, pips and title should be jointly ein-/ausgeblendet. CTI s.Clipanfang and CTRL + D. All are displayed.

This works not only to Fade, but synonymous for crossfading multiple simultaneous tracks. With CTRL + SHIFT + D synonymous with audio.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von Debonnaire:

Wow, cool! I am never gestolpert, in my few years with Premiere (Pro)! You just never learn! Thank you very much! :-)

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