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Avid Media Composer 3.0 oder Adobe Premiere CS3

Avid Media Composer 3.0 or Adobe Premiere CS3

Frage von ich33:
August 2008


I would like to see soon one of the two programs and would like to purchase here and ask what the pre-and disadvantages are. I have a Canon HV20 and would therefore make particular cut HDV. not professionally, but I'm quite prepared me synonymous to incorporate into more complex programs. to time, I have a laptop with the old coreduo processor and Intel GMA 950 onboard graphics and therefore probably do in any case also a new computer.
have been here in other forums and read a lot, but am still undecided. I gladly accept synonymous links to interesting contributions.

premiere pro:
- Have for some months, I have the opportunity to host other s.einem adobe master collection for testing. I could have "total training" for CS2 very well in the basic functions of the program incorporate. use primarily in combination with premiere sound booth. alss'm somewhat incorporated into premiere.
- It is more a cause to believe that avid premiere or final cut of functional and comprehensive workflow her inferior?

Media Composer:
- Cost of 259 EUR unimall.de. I, as a student can then complete the program without restriction of use? or the offer is valid only for certain training? because with the price would be cheaper than Media Composer premiere pro.
- It is true that only some adapters available in version 3 are supported? notebook graphics which would be sufficient for media composer 3?
- Always read that the media composer "professional" program should be (compared with premiere and final cut). I can with effects such as avid realize that with adobe premiere not received? Basically I am really not spectacular effects, is important for a smooth work flow (MultiCAM support, however, should already be).
- Media Composer is the complete replacement for premiere + sound booth?

Finally, a question for notebook sales. 've read that premiere cs3 probably not as good on a mac run. There is the media composer similar differences between mac and win?
I do not know yet whether the price for a macbook pro is worth the money or I ever have time in the foreseeable future will be. if mac final cut studio would probably be too expensive (or there are special student rates synonymous?), Final Cut Express would be an alternative to my above programs? because Media Composer 3 will cost only about 50 EUR more than Final Cut Express.
at a winnotebook I tend to Lenovo ThinkPad, just because I'm not sure whether the graphics card (nvidia quadro 140) with the media would be wise composer.
thank you in advance for your help.

Antwort von domain:

The two s.Weltmarkt strongly pro-competitive NL-editors are


And of course the price is incredibly low by the MC and you can see the entire functional range use, but not commercially.

The other issues are so extensive and specific and can only be someone with a lot of experience with both editors answered synonymous and then again only in part from his own personal view

Antwort von ich33:

yes, many thanks in advance. None but knows the answer to my question a little more specific?

Antwort von ich33:

kann mir da None really help?

Antwort von PowerMac:

You can Education Software only for non-commercial projects.

Antwort von domain:

You work in the past, but with Sound Booth and have experience with CS2 can collect. So what is there to be superior?
Choose CS3 (great software) and made and well ;-))

Antwort von hansreinhard:

if you only want to cut HDV, and s.Ende DVD or HDV master tape is, you can do with a MacBook Pro and FinalCut Express everything what your heart desires (the rest s.benötigten programs like iDVD on the Mac supplied). - Just what Multicam, I am not quite sure. The Media Composer (Academic) has no DVD authoring software and without mpeg encoder (PC version). Otherwise, the MC on Mac as PC-synonymous base my opinion the most professional - but synonymous s.schwierigsten to learn - Program. Many features in the context of file-handling, time code and metadata management, you will at HDV editing never need, most benefits come only in connection with the processing of film material (16 - 35mm) or large (shared) projects for the application.
For a single HDV editing space without integration into a production network is the MC in my opinion, overkill. In addition to AVID, you are on quite a few (expensive) video interfaces defined in Final Cut and Premiere can when you have several cheaper interfaces / capture cards (for example, or of MOTU AJA) use - and this desire will soon set - for instance if you HDV -- Material on Digibeta want to spend, without rendering the hour-long course.
I think the premiere workflow honestly not bad, if I synonymous as AVID and Final Cut Pro-the graphical user interface of Adobe does not like.
About the Mac version, I can say nothing.
Hope this helps a bit but next ...

Antwort von ich33:

it helps me in every instance schonmal next. it can happen that MC would be overkill for me, had only a single cut for space-HDV. make the whole more synonymous hobby. only ever read one of final cut and avid users of Adobe Premiere that nothing "real" would be, and because my experience with avid or final cut is missing here, I wanted to ask better times. what I now able to test with cs3 I liked it, it's missing me still holding the cut compared to other programs.
If I someday times a macbook pro can afford is Final Cut Express will probably still worth looking NEN (have final cut in the title is omitted because I currently and in future possibly synonymous with win laptops work). but have read that Final Cut Express no functional multi-cam has, and this function would be very important to me.

I think that it will tend to premiere cs3.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

What PPCS3 offers, you can

Antwort von ich33:

bruno @

Thank you for your reply. synonymous your homepage is great, I did some read articles and tutorials.
still a question regarding the above on your homepage kamerastabilisier-plugins "proDAD Mercalli. I have times like this a demo version in cs3 were used and the results are not as convincing as some of the before / after shots at youtube of "smooth camera" in the current final cut and sometimes the building could not be calculated and the preview monitor remained black (could a bug in my demo version). but you have experience with the final cut of deshaker compared to Mercalli? because a good deshaker would be very important to me.

yet another question bezgl. final cut. because the operating system and apple final cut in 64bit can run more programs cut by the ram used. adobe offers but my knowledge only 32bit software s.and is at max. 4gb limit. it is visible on the medium (2-3 years) a crucial disadvantage of premiere that only about 3.5 gb ram can be used? I plan in this period the average HDV s.einem laptop.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

did you experience with the final cut of deshaker compared to Mercalli?

No, a comparison to Deshaker experience in Final Cut, I have not. Mercali can not solve all problems, it is not considered synonymous Camera shots by rolling shutter. The freeware Deshaker is much slower but it takes into account the effect of the rolling shutter and in difficult cases synonymous, it delivers better results. In most cases, but when I come with HDV Mercali good deal, because my shots to 99% with a body stand up and it will be little to deshaken there.

Among the other questions:

I have 3GB of RAM with no bottlenecks in Premiere Pro CS3.
The HD-DV editing on a laptop I would not plan, because there usually lacks the necessary performance. With my homemade desktop PC based on the Q6600 (with OC on 4x3GHz) I always have enough computer power.

Antwort von PowerMac:

SmoothCam in Final Cut Pro is damn good. Come and shake of this entire proposed program Deshaker Chen.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I me

Antwort von ich33:

I think that it is with a laptop because I will make the material / all my data always S.2 residences should be available. hab s.ein macbook pro with 7200er festplatte thought (may be synonymous to notyes install windows on it). the macbook pro should think I'll have enough power to supply enough for me to cut HDV operate have premiere cs3 testmäßig on his old duo core run and the only thing that slows down the speed is quite the onboard intel graphics card. If I da ne a dedicated graphics card, it would have been quite ordinary in nem tempo proceed.

I will be times this deshaker freeware anschauen. The operation appeared to me only when you first fly over the site a bit cumbersome as eg Mercalli.

there is final cut to a similar student-priced products such as the price of avid and adobe buy? So in the range from 300 to 400 eur?

another question: if I would decide at some point of premiere pro final cut to move ... the differences between the programs, their functions and the workflow vary or can be thought of as somewhat experienced user premiere quite quickly get used final cut? are there any good online tutorials or literature to the current Final Cut Studio?

Antwort von domain:

you ask in my view, far too many with very specific questions which you maybe of various opinions and experiences of other addictive.
In principle it is quite an understandable approach, but there are no really bad NL editors more, otherwise they would not in the market may exist.
I would however feel smarter when you breastfeed in times of any available information from the Internet and you scrape together a self-judgment would, possibly synonymous with test versions of the NLE support.

It can not go to financial aspects and what you are cheaper than a student could buy, but just a question of which program you would agree and so you made your tasks s.besten it can.

Antwort von felix24:

So whether you believe it or not: I have Premiere Pro and Avid Xpress for many years and worked with both systems. I originally thought, I try both of them to figure out which is better. But I did not get out.
The user interface of AVID works better. The keyboard support is very good. But the advantages that AVID, you can probably use only one cutter, really every day around the clock so that works.
If we as film makers just occasionally cuts his own projects and not under time pressure from customers is, is this a good workflow is not really noticeable. On the contrary. I've often worked with Premiere, because the user simply more typical and, above all synonymous with other Adobe programs is that you just know someday. If you then switch to AVID and thus works only occasionally, it all amounts to a rather strange and before you have time and again of the front to begin looking s.die things and for the PC program interface very unusual to acclimatise.
Moreover, even AVID Xpress very demanding and the MC will have more sophisticated. With the premiere, I have never had problems. Hear true that some synonymous with premiere quite Schierigkeiten have, but my secret to success is that I have two've Calculator. An optimized only for the DV editing and one for Internet and everything else. As is synonymous drauf Magix Video Deluxe, but with which I so do TV recording and occasionally a recorded movie on a DVD burn. But I would never as a program on my video machine. Since it is only what I absolutely for the DV editing needs. And why does it all wonderfully. Is also no particular luxury. Just have a slightly older computer to the Internet calculator and made my video with the latest computer technology in DIY.

From functionally offers premiere actually synonymous everything I need, but for me the real film editing, the decisive factor is that I and the movie then be synonymous public. This gives PP in the latest version of the program, including Encore and thus can produce DVDs and Blurays. What more could you want?
With effects, I do as little as possible or as much as necessary, and therefore can not say exactly where the benefits in this area in the respective programs are. But to cut a film works quite well in PP, as well as in the AVID. If you really neatly with what Efffekten wants to do to get my mind around After Effects not around. PP and AE work very well together. Even avid users use the program. Synonymous because the MC can not do everything. In the field, so each program is its strengths. From Final Cut Pro for example, I hear that it is an incredibly good color tool. Nevertheless, I would not be on Mac and Final Cut Pro. If I absolutely need, I cut my film only on the PC and with PP and then leave that part or just what I need of people who have Final Cut Pro edit accordingly. Since there is always an opportunity and this is with security not as burdensome as to do it all themselves. Anyway because you can not always available. Then you would need all the programs out there and all computer systems, etc.

On that occasion I have something to say Effektwahn which many succumb. The best effects are the ones you do not see. That is my opinion. Color or color conscious, for example. Because moods are enhanced, the film already has. But whenever someone tries, with little effects to create what is not there, it seems cheap and striking. You can do it constantly see on TV. Since the title is for example not just appear, but he flies inside. But you can see that the effect is moving and then I wonder what's the point?

Basically I find a good course, especially when the titles are designed. And since Saul Bass title synonymous have received something special. But today it is totally exaggerated. Often, the titles are expensive and in short films made synonymous sometimes longer, than the whole

Antwort von thennig:

So I have the media composer synonymous edu. this is beautiful .... in the box, the mac and the pc version of it. So both for a price. this is sonic DVD Studio Pro as a full version. I think you're just so right about the mac / pc considerations are concerned. can then still on the final cut or premiere go-and with avid hast du .. as some have said the best editor on the planet. where you have to be careful, because the silly with avid mpeg imports safe. eh if you only with the camera or maz importierst, then no problems. final cut edu scarce kost 900 ¬. UNIMALL when you find the synonymous prod as a suite of adobe edu. 400 ¬ scarce but not updateable. then gibts da noch ne student updateable version. kost already scarce but then ¬ 1200. So how dus machst synonymous. avid is already hamma. because of mac and pc version .. Other best editor on planet including sonic dvd it pro. Always a good choice.

subject to stabilization. as you will with the avid always be happy. tracked and once the topic is. just as with timewarp, the best tool on the market in order to generate dynamic clips. vonn say 100% to 35% then back to 100% and absolutely unnecessary.

and so now a lot of fun times at the left to read and ruminate.

http://www.unimall.de/product_info.php?info=p18803_Avid-Media-Composer-3-Mac-WinXP--EDU-.htmlhttp://www.unimall.de/product_info.php?info=p18803_Avid- Media Composer-3-Mac-WinXP - EDU-.html



Antwort von felix24:

So, if otherwise an AVID program is perhaps synonymous much a matter of taste. The programs meet all of their purpose. Nevertheless, I find it somewhat strange that the best editing program on the planet is always lagging behind.
When Final Cut Pro, AVID and Premiere, it is certainly the latter is the program that s.schwächsten effect. If yes synonymous only one of many, the Adobe distributes and certainly not with the program, where Adobe s.meisten energy reinsteckt. Nevertheless, Premiere quite a while ago already AVID XDCAM-EX files and now it was even announced that the PP synonymous RED format. There is still synonymous with AVID nothing in sight. And for a program that the best on the planet?
As I said, I have even AVID Xpress. Of course I've considered to MC updaters. But my version is not yet registered to me and the registration will cost $ 100. Only then can I update. The annoying but somehow, right?
If anyone knows if the update is synonymous with a non-registered version works, I ask for a short notice. Then I was giving it to me maybe once. But basically, I need it not.

Antwort von ich33:

've avid mc 2.7 (I think) can test. Although only about half an hour ne, but with the user I was not at all clear. gibts da good tutorials in book form or online? it would be important. avid mc would be synonymous for me yes the best of the 3 major edit programs.
still others ask ne to avid mc 3.0: how does it function with MultiCAM deshaker and camera function?

@ thenning
"subject to stabilization. because you will be with the avid always be happy. tracked and once the topic is. just as with timewarp, the best tool on the market in order to generate dynamic clips. vonn say 100% to 35% then to 100% and absolutely unnecessary. "

... unfortunately I do not understand fully. is thus a function deshaker better than the other programs meant?

Antwort von strike300xxx:

I love Avid, because you very quickly to work with.
However, it is only an Avid editing program, while Final Cut and Premiere suites are offered for the entire workflow include.

Antwort von ich33:

I would still hold if interested
1) avid mc MultiCAM a function of is similar to the premiere or final cut
2) avid mc deshaker has a camera with similar SmoothCam final cut
3) avid mc to an equivalent sound booth or soundtrack has integrated

author to a dvd, I can forgo a program such as after effects is not soo important, especially need a good editing program, which is synonymous with the ton can handle anything (eg remove noise, sometimes NEN small hall-effect or insert etc.)

Antwort von domain:


I have the tracking when MC seen in practice, it appears to be based on interactivity between editors and the tracking software, some striking points in the scene are marked and in the simplest case over the term stabilized and in real time.
SmoothCam of FinalCut works completely independently and takes enormously long for the preceding scene analysis.
The two systems can hardly compare completely different approach.

Generally, I believe, but the use of any Entwackelungssoftware in many cases for a number negligent camera work. If, however, especially with rapid reports do not always prevent, but often in amateur betulichen area where you may be synonymous time to build or Steadycam Tripods carefully adjust.
This can be an awful lot of frustration in the NLE and post-save.

Multicam Magix VDL may incidentally now synonymous and the sound is exemplary. Rail me very well for you ......

Antwort von Bespi:

"domain" wrote:
Multicam Magix VDL may incidentally now synonymous and the sound is exemplary. Rail me very well for you ......

2 cameras for me is not a multicam, but Duocam .....

Magix is my opinion for a quick cut s.wenigsten suitable as basic functions such as "gap" is missing. Even Pinnacle can do that

I work with Premiere (get free) and am so happy wherever. (mostly because of the workflow to After Effects, Illustrator, etc).

At the SAE (s.Herbst where I study), but I was already made clear that it is only with Final Cut Pro and Avid work. (but synonymous with After Effects.)

I have been synonymous said that between Premiere and Final Cut of the same developer, and on the Sreenshots look really quite similar.

Antwort von ich33:

I would be more interested in how long the training period when compared with avid premiere / final cut is. Avid is really much more difficult to operate s.anfang?

@ strike300xxx
Incidentally, do I need for example is not necessarily a dvd authoring program, or similar, cut and sound editing program last. Of course, the program has cut many filters and effects to bring.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Bespi" wrote:
I have been synonymous said that between Premiere and Final Cut of the same developer, and on the Sreenshots look really quite similar.

Behind kebab and pizza is synonymous to the same developer: man.

Antwort von ich33:

I would be more interested in how long the training period for avid mc and whether it is good tutorials / books are

Antwort von domain:


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