Infoseite // Bracket for Video Light s.SonyCamcorder

Frage von Gomez:

Handle and holder for video light for Obi to 3.95. The thing is extremely stable.

Ideal for Sony, anyway, where no standard shoe is available for lights.
Will fit most synonymous with other camcorders. I could not test because I only have this.

Bad thing is to only change the Battery. Then you have to swing the thing at Page.

've Done everything as it is at the top. But I see no Picture? Did I do something wrong?



Antwort von Bidone:

But now:


Antwort von Gomez:

Moin Bidone,
Thank you, that you have set my Still Image.
What had I done wrong? How did you manage it?

The lamp I had bought on eBay.
The description was as follows:
9.6W LED DV camcorder NG 160 Video Light 900 LUX
Since synonymous are three filters in (red, blue and white).
The lamp is great.

The holder is the way bent that way. It gives the holder a number less synonymous. But then fit the large battery of the micro Sonyand not with me.


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