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But no video codec standard in HTML 5 of thomas - 5 Jul 2009 12:11:00
Although it has until recently had seemed as if the draft of HTML 5 (; as the latest incarnation of the HTML web standards, so the basic set of functions that any future browsers) should dominate synonymous impose a mandatory audio / video codec, it is None agreed to be the major Manufacturer of browsers come. For discussion Ogg Theora and H.264 stood - a decision for either of these codecs would mean that these type of compressed video in the future, embedded in Web pages directly from your browser without installing additional codecs or Programs of any third party (; like Flash) could be played. The newly published eg Firefox 3.5 supports the open Ogg Theora video codec. Any browser vendor had his own concerns: to Ogg Theora speaks not with H.264 (competitive quality, based on the size of the compressed file), the uncertainty about whether or not reports Patanthalter eventually feel that through its patent Theora injured and sued the Manufacturer provides payments to millions, you speak against H.264 high license fees. A (; ugly) way out of this dilemma would be able to offer depending on the browser to another (, so H.264 and Flash) version of the videos to be shown, but as H.264 by way of Flash is already here, is a set kind of pseudo-standard for video on the net, is for simplicity will probably use more H.264 via flash to the maximum audience reach.

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Antwort von blenderman:

Possibly could still occur but for Theora patents .... Clear! As with any other area in HTML 5 As Fremdbeispiel: The patent of Apple on automatic updates in widgets.

The risk of Claims are available in every area. Especially since it seems like you could patent basics.

With HTML5 video to play rather well the interests of the MPEG4 patent holders a role. After all, should flow s.2010 license fees.


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