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Frage von lanszer:

Canon FS100, JVC GZ-MG335 or Canon HF100 yet?

Moin Moin,

next month because my birthday is present, I have done so for me finally take a camcorder zuzulegen. High ultimate limit is 700 euros. I am a newcomer to the area but would prefer to buy something qualitative as if synonymous longer has tuned joy.

After I have been for days through various Internet forums and production tests of camcorders gewühlt did, I could now turn to the 3 models durchringen for me to come closer Choice.

The main application are concert recordings and perhaps synonymous video tape of my songs are. I know this is for devices under 1000 ¬ swabs must make, but I expect no professional recordings. I think I may be synonymous with a good SD cam live.

Important I think times are: Lowlight properties, manual focus, manual Tonkorrektur, ggf External Micro? - If net perhaps quite as acutely as I always synonymous of Mittschnitt could get the podium.

The 3 cameras I have in the shortlist drawn:

The Canon FS100 is currently on trial in the introductory segment winner and is a synonymous acceptable picture quality. What I find good, image quality, battery life to 3 hours and he a connection for an external Microphone offers, which in turn in concert recordings would be of advantage.

What I do not exactly know how to look with the Lowlightqualitäten from and can regulate the sound manual to prevent clipping?

price 299, - plus another 8 or 16 GB card


For JVC GZ-MG335 speaks the 30 GB hard drive, the affordable price, the great picture quality and synonymous in Lowlight area it a very good figure make. But he offers no external mic. Connection. What looks, here is a manual Tonkorrektur possible? Can someone answer me?

price 275, - incl Dockinstation what I find very nice. Furthermore, no Speicherkartenötig the 30 GB is sufficient for me thick!

Unfortunately, the audio quality a bit in the bass range a little weak. Can with audio editing by NEN equalizer but certainly compensate.


The last model synonymous but much more expensive would be the big brother of the FS100 from HF100

He also is the test winner, offers external Micro + Headphone jack also can record AVCHD video which is still an entire end look better and it is irritating to the possibilities of HD, even if the video standard to PAL runterrechnet should the quality be improved? If I talk mist, please correct me.

The Lowlight test pictures for me to make a good impression. Competitor of the Panasonic HDC-SD9 is due to the rather bad properties Lowlight out.

However synonymous pay a premium price 649.99

So what do you think, just cheap, or prefer to start something sensible? Where I have more fun on it? Or do you still NEN other tip for me?

Thanks for your answers!


Antwort von Johannes:

I am not sooo good in this area, but what I've read and seen is the Canon hv20/30 for you but very interesting. Even if the price Angegebnen on your 700 are in closer, you will search the HV20 or 30 synonymous been found for 700 ¬.
The Camera has everything you need, microphone input, manual Tonaussteuerung, manual focus and all in HD. Perhaps it is a disadvantage to tape on. So you have to cope coils. But this is not a problem synonymous.


Antwort von lanszer:

Yes I di synonymous already viewed them, but I really no longer on tape recording, SD card or HDD is as dear to me.

Otherwise, I am still on this yesterday here gestolpert:

The new JVC Everio GZ-HD30 offers similar features as the Canon, but also sometimes 80 GB on board, and the possibility AVCHD and MPEG-2 Contact us. Connections for Micro + Headphones are available Tonkorrektur manual is feasible and the Lowlighteigenschaften are pretty good. It is priced ganu in my limit of 700 euros.

What do you would be a review worth?


Antwort von Marco:

Join us for concerts, when it comes to loud music is not just disk camera, at least not if they should stand on Tripod. The one is awesome because of the long recording capacity, but the vibration may ruckzuck the harddrive put hors de combat. I had the pleasure ...



Antwort von lanszer:

Ui thank for the tip,

I had not expected that such a big difference. Are the panels really so sensitive? Then only the defacto HF100 over, because Tonkorrektur offers manual None of the smaller your camcorder.

What would have with the Panasonic HDC-SD1?


Antwort von Marco:

"Are the panels really so sensitive?"

If you know what vibrations may overlook such a concert can be?



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