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Frage von _L_:


I have a question for cleaning find my Camera Lens and the internet only contradictory hints.

Remove dust
Should I also use a microfiber cloth or ordinary better not? In some forums it is not recommended because it can scratch the lens.

dried water drops / fingerprints
This should not even happen every day, but it still has some finger prints on my lens and spots of water splashing.
Can I also use a wet disposable cleaning cloth? Or is that too aggressive?
What alternatives is it?

Thanks in advance for your answers and lg


Antwort von Axel:

Glasses cleaning cloth from the opticians, if it fails to go without rubbing (Christmas goose fat finger prints, dry edges drops: Puuuh) moistened with plain glasses (the cloth itself, not the spray on glass), and nothing else. Brush puff are controversial, * allegedly * the dust blown only in the lens edge and lands somewhere between the lenses. That I believe is not, but you still need a brush.


Antwort von _L_:

Thanks for your answer, Axel.
Did I understand correctly, with the lens cleaning cloth from the opticians do you mean a fine cloth (microfiber)?
Of the moistened disposable towels (paper-like) would you advise?

Thanks and greetings


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