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Canon XH-A1 oder Panasonic HVX200

Canon XH-A1 or Panasonic HVX200

Frage von wolfi28041990:
Februar 2010

Hey People,
I ask you a short and concise for your opinions!
And indeed, I need a new cam ne am, on ner film school in Vienna and will be used for both short and feature films.
I have an eye on the Canon XH-A1 thrown, this gives new around 3,700 ¬.
I also can ne used Panasonic HVX200, construction year 2006 with approximately 600 tape hours to get 2,700 ¬.
What would you advise me?

lg wolfi

Antwort von Manuell:


So I will see both Prices too high, because there you get for the price of the XH A1 yes even the HPX171 new!

Taking hold again as the storage medium play a major role, P2 cards to Mini DV tapes.

What does a tape for an hour material? Sun 3-5 Euro? And a 32 GB P2 card as 500, - Euro.

What do you want to make it with the Camera? What does your editing system / calculator / software like?

Antwort von strike300xxx:

I had both cameras.

Handling is better with the HVX200 IMHO, as a professional. Much has arrived where it is synonymous of larger models is accustomed.

The finer and sharper images but also makes the Canon.

Antwort von Mink:


Both models you might want to try and make up your mind then.

The dir "offered" cameras are too expensive. A new XH-A1 would cost around 3000 ¬ and a used (in your case, 4 years old) HVX not much more than 2000 ¬

Antwort von nicecam:

XH-A1 or XH-A1 (s)?

There is new but already a lot cheaper than [not cheap ;-)]

HVX200 times as approximately twice as expensive. Well, professional format, although in the Picture, the XH-A1 impression uppity.

I refer now to the Comparison of

Antwort von nicecam:

Huppsala, 2mal 18.44 clock, 18.52 clock 2 times - then it went to 100ths of seconds, and the opinions are alike before.

;-) Oh, I see grad: And once more, at approximately 18.57, the clock around

Antwort von Jott:

What interested the band hours at an HVX? Surely you are looking for any DV camcorder, right? HD is just as (expensive) P2 cards.

Antwort von Meggs:

"Jott" wrote:
What interested the band hours at an HVX?

Volume hours is the wrong word. The hours of operation'll find it interesting. A tapeless camcorder is not synonymous lasts forever.

Antwort von wolfi28041990:

Thank you for the quick reply!
So I cut up book now (although SD) on nem FUSI laptop - 2-core with 2,5 Ghz, 4Gb Ram and Win 7th But as appreciative I eh ne change will be necessary .. How much strain for the material of the HVX the PC hardware in contrast to HDV?
How much per GB fits on the P2 cards?
And when I get ne XH-A1 produces Cheap? Any recommendations?

My mind is to estimate the life, a 4 years old camera and I still keep a few more euro equivalent (which it n.is) Neugerät war ..


Antwort von Manuell:

On a 16 gig P2Karte fit 16 minutes in 1080 25p or 720 50p, 720 25p, or 32 minutes.

For example DVCUT you get the XH A1 cheaper.

For 3800, - you'll just get the successor to the HVX200 have new, so the HPX171, without the tape drive. Just because you've got then the more expensive storage medium.

The material of the P2 cards is less demanding in terms of hardware than HDV. Since your computer should still be as suitable.

Antwort von PUDU:

Hello Wolf,

I have to sell before my XH-A1 + WD-H72 wide angle adapter and 3 batteries. It is in very good Gebrauchtzustand.
(Not more than 30 head hours)

The camera is about 1.5 years and the adapter 1 years old.

Dignity for all together 2,600 ¬ + shipping call.
Can they, of course, synonymous like for me to visit in Berlin.

Meld dich, if you're interested.

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