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Frage von alvin1978:


I use for almost 3 years meineCanonXH-A1 with no problems.
Now, however, for the first time something went wrong.
I have the beginning of s.die Sony DVM63 HDV tapes in use and have been so synonymous got along well. I know that a lot of advice against these tapes.
I have handed over three days, recorded on two tapes.
Everything you record these days is, unfortunately, only visible in fast-forward and therefore can not, unfortunately, with Premiere Pro CS4 are included.
Funny thing is that I with the same camera and tapes can make new recordings and they work.
Unfortunately I can not explain what went wrong, as indeed seems to be not faulty, the camera and the tapes synonymous.
Does anyone have any idea how I could save these pictures?


Antwort von Anne Nerven:

The problem I know. A solution unfortunately, since I had been a blessing in disguise and could do without these recordings. But I believe that tapes that were used in a DV Cam, followed by CAN NOT be used in an HDV cam.

How about an alternative with HDV Cam, with which you could try doing the playing?



Antwort von alvin1978:

I have tried the two tapes in a second camera (SonyHDR-HC3) to play, but unfortunately there's just the same phenomenon.
The tapes were recorded only with the XH-A1 in 1080/50i mode.
What I do not understand is that the recordings of three days and are concerned not only of today.
Have already made several new recordings and tested, all work and can transfer errors.


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